Jon Shield

Jon Shield

We've been lucking out with finding lots of hairy guys lately, and studio boy Jon Shield is one for the record books! From his dark beard to his curly, carpeted toned chest and fuzzy asshole, he's all man and sexy as fuck. He's got sizzling bedroom eyes and a dick for days.

Maulder Roman

Maulder Roman

Smoldering, brooding Maulder Roman is one fine ass specimen of stocky, muscle cub. He's got python arms with biceps that could crush you and tight, hairy legs for days. Complete with an untouched juicy bubble butt (he's a total top, fellas) and a handful of thick uncut cock, Maulder is one grizzly bear you don't want to snarl with.


Maulder Tops Jon Raw

Here it is, Maulder's first action scene! And man, did he pick THE perfect costar in Jon Shield. Two furry, bearded, studly guys boned up from the moment I turned the camera on. Their rock hard cocks tried to burst from their sweats. One cut, one uncut. We like variety, folks!

Jon released Maulder's thick uncut beast of a cock first, making it disappear inside his bearded mouth. He swallowed it hard, gulping it down his throat. He worshipped his balls, tightly pulled into a cock ring. Then Maulder flipped him over and nibbled on his nipples, working his way down that incredibly sexy and hairy torso, freeing that giant boner from its cotton prison.

Maulder teased the head of Jon's raging hardon, kissing and licking the tip tenderly. Then he spit on the shaft and gobbled it into his warm mouth. Jon's cock is so fucking big, it was the length of Maulder's face. It's huge! Jon held the rope headboard and bellowed in delight as Maulder dove into his fuzzy ass tongue first. Maulder ate his hole with an anticipation so great, a desperation to get his swollen cock in there in place of his tongue.

Jon got Maulder on his back and they 69'd, Jon's mammoth dick pressed hard against his partners muscled barrel chest. Jon sucked Maulder's dick again as Maulder worked intently on readying and wetting that hairy hole. Then Jon was on Maulder's dick, fitting the entire thick cock up his ass. He grabbed the rope headboard and moaned, taking every inch and loving every second.

Maulder went to work quickly, rapidly fucking that delectable hole, pounding it just like Jon wanted. They moved in sync and they moved sexy. Watching their two bodies hump raw was driving me wild. Jon took a quick break and rimmed his top. I thought Maulder's eyes would roll back in his head. His beefcake cub body is so masculine and powerful. His pythons, I mean biceps, are forces to be reckoned with. And when he tops, he dominates with such presence. He buried his boner inside Jon and annihilated that asshole.

Doggie style was totally apropos when Jon pleaded "fucking bury it" and Maulder did just that with his bone in his pup. Jon's heavy nuts squashed against the bed, his own boner hot and hard underneath them. He warned keeping this up would make him cum and that's precisely the goal Maulder had in mind.

Jon ended up on his back, getting railed by Maulder, He blew his load, a thick white cream. Maulder hunched over, caught some in his mouth, and spit it at Jon's face. Woof! Seconds later he pulled out, planted his own seed on Jon's used hole, and buried his bare bone one last time, neatly tucking his cum inside his costar. They kissed a final time and the three of us were spent. What an intense screw. These two are masters at giving the camera a good show. And in record time. Made my editing job beyond easy. Wham, bam, thank you sirs.

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