Maulder Roman

Maulder Roman

Smoldering, brooding Maulder Roman is one fine ass specimen of stocky, muscle cub. He's got python arms with biceps that could crush you and tight, hairy legs for days. Complete with an untouched juicy bubble butt (he's a total top, fellas) and a handful of thick uncut cock, Maulder is one grizzly bear you don't want to snarl with.


Maulder's Solo

From the get go, Maulder presented himself as nothing shy of an absolute pro. He's got porn star written all over him. One look from those dark bedroom eyes and you melt. One flash of that cocky but cool smile nestled inside a perfect scruffy beard and you're hooked. I haven't even got to his body yet! Broad shoulders and a barrel chest peaked out from under his sexy tank top. His biceps bulged as he flexed and then drove his hand into his shorts. He's a master at the art of seduction, putting on one damn entertaining striptease. So entertaining, you get an extra 5 minutes of stroking pleasure! That's more spank for your bank!

His dick bulged incredibly in those dark shorts. On his knees, he gently rocked his hips back and forth, thrusting his growing package toward the camera. His fingers disappeared inside his open fly and I could just make out the stiffening shaft they were tracing with their tips. He squeezed his hardon from the outside of his shorts with both meaty palms. And then he started moaning. Fuck me, the moaning! Hearing that soft yet masculine voice escape his lips in little bursts of breath was giving me sexy goosebumps all over.

He fell back on the bed and pulled his tank up to expose hairy taught nipples that he rubbed and pinched ever so sexily. Suddenly his thick uncut cock was out of his shorts and I realized this beefcake had been going commando. It added an extra layer of hotness to him knowing that there wasn't an extra layer of fabric between his shorts and his stiff dick. It was completely free before I knew it, his shorts having been discarded without my knowledge. He gently jerked on his handsome cock, teasing his piss slit, rubbing the underside of his head, twirling his shaft around and squeezing it softly to firm it up.

His hand slid slowly to his asshole and I do believe a fingertip my have pressed ever so shallowly inside his furry backdoor. Being a total top, Maulder probably isn't one for much ass play. But being an expert at turning on a camera, he no doubt knew exactly where to put that finger to drive me wild. It only lasted a moment, but that was all the reference I needed.

His dick had grown to an impressively girthy seven inches. Veins galore were popping from all the constricted blood he kept in his dick with a cock ring. His boner must have felt so fucking warm in his fist as he lubed it with SPUNK and continued stroking. His breathing got heavier, his dick got harder, he was working his way toward the edge. His furry belly tightened with every clench of his abs and he worked the head of his dick feverishly. He placed a thumb inside his foreskin and rubbed the glistening head of his cock. His lips pursed and he grit his teeth and moaned an aching moan that spoke volumes about how much pressure he currently held back inside his balls. He was ready to erupt. And I couldn't keep him from doing so any longer.

As he lay back and beat his wet meat, the chain around his neck fell to the bed, almost pinning this beast to the blanket. His cock was so fucking hard and he bit his tongue and whimpered with a longing to lose his nut. He milked that red and swollen dick, covering and uncovering the head with his foreskin. He dabbed out some precum and then went back to work, jerking like a madman. I could feel his hot breath on my face as he exhaled and again, there were the sexy goosebumps.

There was a moment I thought he'd lost it before he wanted to. A trickle of cum drizzled down the side of his shaft and he said “damn it.” He hadn't cum completely though, as I was about to discover. That was just the result of an intense edging session. An overflow of what had been bubbling up just inside his piss slit this entire shoot. Shoot he did, a wallop of a load, oozy and thick and creamy. White and swallow worthy, his cum poured from his piss slit like an avalanche down the side of a mountain. He got out every last drop, exhaled deeply, and reveled in a job well done. It was obvious at that moment, as it had been from the very beginning, that Maulder was in it to win it. This fucking stocky muscle cub was going to dominate everything in his way.

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