Knox is a short but scrappy model who has just the right amount of fuzz on his tight little body. He loves sniffing his own jock and stroking a blast of cum from his big, hard dick. From mischievous smile to bouncing balls, Knox is every bit the man you're looking for.



One of the tallest GuyBone guys, MD is a sexy, hung, tight-bodied goofball in the sexiest sense of the word. His enormous grin stretches from ear to cute ear. And he gets the giggles when in the company of a hot costar.


MD Tops Knox Raw

Fuuuck me, this scene is hot! Knox introduced me to a fuck buddy of his, MD (guess what the initials stand for) and it was boner at first sight. This kid was young, hung, and very full of cum. Exactly how Knox liked it. And they had such great chemistry, YOU get more fuck for your buck - this scene has 10 extra minutes of footage!

They started off making out. Knox had to stand on tip toes to reach giant MD's lips. Tongues swirling, flicking, and darting, it took mere seconds for their equally impressive cocks to grow inside their basketball shorts. There's little hotter than watching a big dick get stiff inside nylon shorts, and here I had two in my face, swelling and aching to be set free.

Knox was eager to get his costar undressed. For those with a foot fetish, like myself, enjoy the foot play in this scene. Knox sniffed MD's sneakers and sucked on his toes before sliding down his shorts and slurping MD's rock hard rod.

Knox has a bit of a gag reflex, but who wouldn't with that monster dick? Thick strings of spit trailed from his lips to the head of MD's cock. He deep-throated like a pro, despite gagging and tearing up.

MD returned the favor, sitting on the edge of the bed, dick ever-stiff, sucking Knox's fat hardon. I got goosebumps from the sound of his dog tags clanging against each other and I got wood from watching them rub against the head of his dick. Knox got pretty vocal this shoot, telling MD how to wet his cock and how to fuck his ass. My favorite was the nickname "guy" they both used to order each other around. Very masculine. Very hot.

After a sexy, sloppy 69 session, the guys got ready to screw. Opting to fuck raw because they do off camera, Knox slid MD's tight shaft into his hairy hole and never looked back. Watching bare skin glide along bare skin was incredibly arousing. Knox's impeccable ass got more and more wet with SPUNK Lube, spit, and juices, glueing the dark curly hair to his butt. Such a sexy sight.

MD's thick uncut cock popped in and out of Knox's ass with ease, toying his costar, making him beg for more. The playful chemistry between these two was undeniable, especially when Knox bit MD's dog tags, pulling him closer as MD worked on Knox's hole.

Knox shot a huge load across MD's chest, but not to be outdone, MD did the same, literally coating his torso in warm, wet cum. Knox bent down, licked up a ribbon, and shared a kiss with it on their tongues. This scene is a constant reminder of why I encourage my guys to help recruit. Now, don't I owe Knox a finders fee?

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