Mike, surprisingly, is one of very few GuyBone guys with a pierced dick. Sure looks like it feels good, too, because he moans and spasms in ecstasy when he cums hot loads that gush out over top of the steel. If I thought I could handle the pain, I'd get pierced, too, just to feel the pleasure Mike experiences every time he busts a nut.


Mike's Solo

At first glance, Mike was totally the typical guy next door. Sneakers, t-shirt, jeans, cute face, nice haircut.

But once the camera started rolling, Mike began stripping and getting down to business, revealing a not so typical side.

He was the only GuyBone.com model to have a pierced cock, which was a really hot first. You could tell he loved the feel of it when he jerked off, the way it must have rubbed his head just right.

He also loved twisting his nipple ring, driving him closer and closer to the edge. Once he reached climax, there was no stopping his thick cum from rocketing out of his dick, cascading over his piercing, and landing on his stomach.

It didn't stay there long, as this atypical guy proved his wilder side by scooping up his fresh, hot cum and sucking it from his fingers.

I always love it when guys prove “you can't judge a book by its cover.”

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