Miles Down

Miles Down

King of the Nerds. That's Miles Down in a few words. In a few more words, he's unbelievably sexy in a way that I can't explain.


Miles' Solo

If you know anything about GuyBone, you know we are strictly no gimmicks. We don't do model interviews, we don't have our guys act, and we don't film story porn. Just real jerk sessions and hookups caught on camera.

But every once in awhile, it's fun to play outside the box, right? For his solo, I wanted to see Miles in his dorm room, doing some homework, getting distracted by doodles of dicks and the GuyBone porn he had on his laptop. That's as much story porn as we're gonna get. It was so hot, and this college kid edged so perfectly, that you get an extra 10 minutes of footage! That's more spank for your bank!

From there, King of the Nerds, Miles Down, lost his shirt, opened his fly, pulled out his boner and went to work jerking that stiff dick.

We filmed two sessions, the first getting postponed because Miles' dorm room was just too damn hot. He couldn't perform, I was sweating my balls off. The second shoot was much cooler and quicker. But regardless of the temperature in the room, Miles was a sweaty boy. He's got the sexiest patch of hair on his chest, armpits full of thick, dark hair and a happy trail that leads to an incredibly hot bush of pubes. He's so hairy from the waist down, in fact, it's hard for him to keep cool. Sweaty is hot. I'd lick every inch of this skinny nerd. He's got that thing about him that will drive you wild. Like he oozes sex appeal.

He's a kinky fucker, too. Like he fantasizes about frat boys tying him down and having their way with him. Hard. Rough. Hot. Here's hoping we can help that become a reality for Miles soon! In the meantime, I'm more than happy to watch him stroke that ridiculously stiff dick to a crazy impressive cumshot. He blasted up to his neck, painted his chest and left a pool on his stomach. This guy had a huge nut to bust! And like a good boy, scooped some up on his finger and tasted it.

If you're looking for a thin, hairy bottom nerd with a love for toys (and big dicks) up his ass, look no further than Miles Down. He's everything we've all been waiting for.

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