Luke Hudson

Luke Hudson

HOT AS FUCK Luke Hudson has finally landed on GuyBone and we're SO excited! Buds with so many of our models, it was only a matter of time til we got to film him, and we're so thankful we did! Smart, sexy, so sweet, and funny as fuck, Luke is one helluva hot trans dude who's made a huge name for himself.

Miles Fallon

Miles Fallon

After dreaming of and drooling over the idea of filming Miles Fallon for what seemed like an eternity, I finally got my chance and it's true - GREAT things cum to those who wait! Miles is the sweetest, most genuine, sexiest ball of fit fur and fucking hotness you're ever gonna meet. He's funny, easy to talk to, and so damn adorable.


Miles Tops Luke Raw

Well, hell. We went and filmed another insanely hot scene for ya. Blessed to get my second shoot with Luke Hudson (what a babe) and happy he got to welcome sexy NEW GuyBone Guy, Miles Fallon, to the fold. Starting with some smoldering smooching on the bed, they ditched their underwear and Miles slid his way down Luke’s body to between his legs. His tender tongue made its way inside Luke, sucking and kissing on his clit. His soft lips did the trick as he buried his adorable bearded mug deep inside Luke’s manly bush. That hairy pussy tasted divine and he couldn’t get enough of it. Luke’s happy trail and furry nips complimented his own sexy, shaggy beard. These two hairy men were so fucking horny for each other. As a bonus treat, it was Miles’ first time with a trans guy and he couldn’t have picked a better partner than Luke. Stellar chemistry.

Luke played with his dick as he nestled underneath Miles’ balls. Miles fed his boner to his costar, easing into a 69 position so they could both enjoy some oral. He face fucked Luke, drowning him in delicious dick and nutsack. His hairy taint led to a furry butthole we only got a sneak peek at this time around. Stay tuned for Parker Tops Miles Raw soon! Til then, he’s a total top for Luke, thrusting into his eager mouth while also devouring his tasty hole. WOOF!

Miles requested Luke sit on his face, which Luke was all too happy to do. Miles ate him out, hugging his hips and gazing up at Luke’s stunning body with his gorgeous eyes. Their connection was fire. I loved all the oral attention Miles was paying Luke. Getting him nice and wet and ready to raw fuck. Luke rode Miles’ handsome face, rocking back and forth across his hungry lips. They were both so fucking into it. Then Luke asked if he could ride it and Miles and I both got so incredibly hard. Luke scooted down from Miles’ face to his hard-on and rubbed his clit across the shaft. Their wet, horny body parts glazed across each other gleefully, turning each other on even more.

To get some more stability and leverage, Luke moved them over to the chair before he sat on it proper. Miles kicked back and spread his legs, showing off his erection, inviting Luke to get comfy on his lap. He did just that, inching the stiff dick inside his boy hole until he was balls deep. He rubbed himself as he rode Miles’ rod. It was a perfect fit and they were both moaning in ecstasy immediately. Miles’ nuts were drawn tight with desire as Luke bareback fucked himself on that handsome shaft. Miles was all smiles as Luke bounced up and down on his bone. His furry torso was so fucking fine and Luke’s bulging pecs were so sexy.

He hopped back over to the bed and laid back to let Miles take charge. The top did just that, sliding in and slamming his dick to satisfactionville. He held Luke’s legs up and railed his hole, their hairy privates perfectly paired. They complimented each other’s attractiveness and humped furiously. Miles drove his dick in deep and fast, driving Luke wild with delight. Two boys, screwing the night away in Las Vegas. We bet big on this one and won! Miles worked hard in pound town, laying pipe as fast as he could. Luke’s hairy bonus hole gobbled that cock up. They fucked fervently until Miles couldn’t hold his climax back, pulling out and painting Luke’s pussy with his cum. He shot everywhere, across Luke’s happy trail, his thigh, the bed, and then put his dripping cock back inside to feel that awesome breeding feeling. Luke rubbed Miles’ chest carpet and they both exhaled with the utmost contentment. These two fellas were gonna sleep very well tonight.

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