Mitch is the sexy, smart guy next door who helps with your homework. While he's tutoring you, all you can think about is sucking his stiff dick. His body is as tight as his balls.


Mitch's Solo

I was pleasantly surprised by Mitch's masculinity when I met him to film his solo audition. Based on pictures I'd seen, I assumed he was "just another twink", but I was definitely wrong. He told me he gets labeled as a twink often, but that he doesn't identify as one. Now I know why.

Mitch had a sexy, deep voice that I wasn't expecting, and had an air about him that smelled of delicious, rugged manliness. He stripped down to his boxer briefs, already growing a nice stiff dick, and lubed it up for a slippery stroking. I loved that I could see how hairy he would normally be if he didn't trim. His body was immaculately groomed and in perfect shape. From flat chest to sexy stomach, hairy legs and toes he loved to flex, Mitch knew how to work the camera, despite his nervousness.

His heavy exhales gave me goosebumps and I was instantly hard watching his balls tighten up beneath his rock hard cock. He jerked himself to a rocket of a cumshot that nearly reached his neck and I knew I'd found another incredibly hot GuyBone guy.

Mitch is versatile, and I hope we get to see him enjoy both positions as he films with GuyBone. Best part of my experience with Mitch, however, was when he text me after the shoot to say he'd forgot to inform me how much he enjoys rimming, both giving and receiving. No worries, Mitch, I've got plenty of hot assholes and wet tongues to satisfy your cravings!

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