Dakota is a straight dude who does gay for pay. Slightly worried sex with dudes will ruin sex with chicks for him, he's set some rules for filming. He'll only bottom and only do the sucking.

Zeus Harden

Zeus Harden

Perhaps the god of thunder cock? Zeus is a sexy young Latino with a curved uncut cock as handsome as his boy next door face. The beard makes him look more mature, but trust me, it's a hot baby face under there.


Mouth Massage

It'd been a while since I filmed an oral only scene and I was kinda jonesing for one. If you know one thing about me, let it be that I am a hardcore cocksucking fan. Love doing it, love getting it, love watching it. And sometimes a scene where the guys get off from foreplay can be just as hot as when they actually fuck. Case in point - Mouth Massage. So hot, Zeus and Dakota ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more suck for your buck!

If you're a fan of Zeus like I am, you'll notice this is the first scene after his adult circumcision. Yup, he got that uncut foreskin snipped off and was now sporting a tight, slick dick that showed off his cockhead wonderfully. And Dakota, one of our resident gay for pay guys, has one of the hottest cocks on the site. Big, hard and beautful, I could look at this boner for days without blinking. I knew the two of them together having blowjob fun would be an absolute delight.

To mix things up a wee bit, we decided to start the scene with a massage. The oiled up studs would soon be using more than just their hands to make each other feel good. We tried SPUNK Lube Natural for the first time and loved it so much, here's the product description directly from the ad - “a unique blend of edible, virgin coconut oil and organic avocado oil that's great for locking in moisture for personal lubrication or erotic massage.” Damn right it is. Especially the latter. It makes for great massage oil and tastes great when it comes time to suck it off a hard cock, too!

Zeus was chomping at the bit to give Dakota a rub down. Who can blame him? I'd love to get my slippery hands all over that sexy, smooth straight boy body. He had Dakota start on his stomach so he could massage his back and shoulders and neck. He lowered the drape and exposed Dakota's nice bubble butt. He climbed on top of him and began oiling it up, rubbing lube between his ass cheeks and all up and down his meaty thighs.

I'm a sucker for a good erotic massage, so I know exactly how incredible it feels when the masseur heads toward your hole with his slick digits. Zeus slid his middle finger inside Dakota's warm hole and began finger fucking him. But just to tease and stimulate, not to loosen or ready for a fucking. Then Zeus picked up Dakota's hot, hairy leg and licked and sucked on his sexy toes. He rubbed the ball of Dakota's foot against his bulging boxer briefs. He was swelling up in his shorts, understandably. He dismounted the table and had Dakota turn over.

Zeus oiled up Dakota's front side, from chest to legs. He climbed back on top of his scene partner and seeing Dakota's exposed cock and balls, instinctively knelt to taste them. His nimble tongue flicked and darted along the wrinkled surface of Dakota's ball sack. Then he went back to massaging. Then his tongue grazed Dakota's shaft. Then more rubbing. As Zeus worked the straight boy's inner thighs and calves, I could see his own dick raging hard inside his underwear. He bent over to find Dakota was rock hard now. He took his entire length in his mouth and slurped it. His hairy armpits and nipples loomed over Dakota's body as he sucked his cock. Fuck, I love seeing Dakota throbbing hard.

Zeus worked wonders with his mouth on Dakota's dick. The gulping and slurping noises he made were fantastic. I loved every time he let Dakota's erection fall from his lips with a plop sound, Dakota's boner would bounce on his stomach and still stand straight up. So fucking stiff. He was loving getting his manhood serviced by sexy Zeus. The young Latino blew his tatted costar like a pro, drooling all over his dick and letting the spit trickle down under Dakota's balls, between his legs.

Zeus pulled his own hard, now cut cock, out of his underwear and I reveled in both guys' nakedness. Zeus made his way to the head of the massage table so Dakota could taste his cock, too. The straight boy isn't known for giving the world's best head, but that's okay, it's still fun to watch him try. And clearly Zeus' cock was enjoying the attention. He sat on the massage table and Dakota was on his knees in front of him, blowing that raging hardon. Zeus' hairy crotch was a nice contrast to Dakota's shaved pubes. Best of both worlds. Zeus' head rolled back with pleasure as the gay for pay bro played with his cock. He jerked it, sucked it, smacked it around. These two had a very “buds exploring each other's bodies” vibe going on and I was totally loving it.

Before I knew it, they were both on the table again, Dakota on his back with his legs up, Zeus on his chest, tongue buried in the ass of the guy he was supposed to be massaging. I guess things took a natural turn toward the sexiness of the situation. He alternated between delicately toying Dakota's hole with his thumb and absolutely munching down on his ass. Zeus' aching cock was trapped underneath his body, against the massage table sheet. The head of his dick looked ready to explode from all the blood rushing to it. He was so fucking turned on. Which got me so fucking turned on. And Dakota was turned on by getting his tight hole rimmed, obviously. Zeus has a magically talented tongue and he was using it to devour Dakota's asshole.

His finger made its way back inside Dakota's pucker. Then he kissed his butt sloppily and sexily. I was going crazy watching all the hot foreplay. They were going crazy experiencing it. Zeus needed Dakota's boner between his lips again. He got on his knees on the floor and serviced that sexy shaft. Dakota was harder than ever, really giving Zeus a gargantuan workspace. He sat on the edge of the table, legs dangling, enjoying every second of the sucking.

Then it was his turn to blow Zeus again. He did better this time, really focusing on Zeus' newly circumcised shaft, just under the head, giving his costar new sensations he'd never felt in his life. Amazing when you think about it, Zeus was lucky enough to experience both sides of the cock coin, cut and uncut. The rest of us will probably only ever know what we've already got.

Zeus was ready to cum. He gobbled down Dakota's cock one final round while he furiously beat his own meat. Surprisingly, Dakota reached his climax first. He grabbed his cock from Zeus' clutch and jerked out a cloudy load onto his stomach. Then Zeus joined him in pleasure town, hopping up on his knees and blasting his boy batter all over his straight costar's thighs and chest. Literally dousing him in warm, wet cum. It just kept spraying. So much seed. Then Zeus leaned over and licked some of their combined jizz off Dakota's body to relish the mouth massage with a final, salty swallow.

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