Jayson Lane

Jayson Lane

Jayson Lane is so my type. Skinny but toned, cute face, tats and piercings, sexy feet and a big thick cock with bountiful balls. He's got that rough, bad boy look and still somehow pulls off the innocent charm.

Nathan Brooks

Nathan Brooks

Nathan Brooks is a pro who comes packing a shit ton of masculinity and sexuality. Just one look from his bedroom eyes or that cocky smile and you're stripping down to do whatever he demands. Equipped with a great dick and a hot body, Nathan wants to have fun and make you feel good.


Nathan Tops Jayson Raw

Right off the bat, it's obvious these two studs have had plenty of off camera experience between the sheets. That's just where I had them start, too, in a hotel bed, naked in the sack. They quickly tossed off the blankets and revealed chubbed up dicks and firm asses, tight bodies, piercings and tats a plenty!

Jayson rolled on top of Nathan, grinding their growing cocks against each others groins. They made out passionately, creating that lip smacking sound I adore. Jayson moved his juicy lips down to Nathan's boner and wet his costars shaft with his tongue. He sucked that stiff dick like the pro he is, making sure to pay attention to Nathan's nuts. Nathan moaned and writhed on the bed, letting Jayson know his blowjob was stellar.

Next, Nathan slid down and stroked his hardon while he sucked Jayson's giant rod. These guys and their big dicks. Fucking hot! Love big balls and Jayson has a pair. Big, heavy, bouncing. Nathan twisted his fist as he swallowed that behemoth cock and I was in heaven behind the camera. They definitely had a big bro, little bro vibe going on. With Nathan a tad older than Jayson, it really got that fantasy working overtime in my mind. Imagining Nathan home from college to fuck little bro Jayson who's still in high school. You know the drill. Imagine what you will, there's no denying the hot chemistry between these two. And we hadn't even got to the fucking yet!

Nathan rubbed his bare, SPUNK lubed cock between Jayson's perfect butt cheeks, making his erection even harder. When he'd teased his shaft enough, he slid it into Jayson's warm, welcoming, but tight asshole. Jayson made him take it slow a few times, but once his hole got accustomed to Nathan's handsome cock, it was no fuss, all fuck. Just how we like it. Seeing Nathan fuck Jayson bareback was intensely hot. That sexy dick slamming in and out of that beautiful back door. Feeling skin to skin was clearly driving both of them over the edge.

They flipped around into a few positions before it was time to cum. Jayson sat on Nathan's cock and rode it until he busted. Holy fucking cumshot! Ribbons of fresh, warm cum catapulted from Jayson's piss slit onto Nathan's chiseled face. Some on his head, some in his eye, some down his throat. He gulped the seed down but also spit some back up so we could see it drizzle down his chin. Fucking hot! Jayson literally painted Nathan's mug with his load. Impressive!

Nathan cleaned up and made out more with Jayson to reach his climax. He shot his own hot load onto his stomach while Jayson fondled his ball sack. When he had milked out the last of his jizz, Nathan chuckled as Jayson began playing Tic-tac-toe in the puddle of cum, further proving that these two have undeniably hot chemistry. And they delivered one helluva hot bareback fuck!

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