Nathan is one of the oldest GuyBone guys, but don't let that be a turn off. In fact, one look at his stubble and greasy hands gave me wood, knowing he'd just finished working in the garage before coming to shoot porn. Totally a sexy, hands-on kind of guy, Nathan loves his nipples being played with.


Nathan's Solo

Nathan was a riot to film with. He was always cracking jokes and making light of the situation. It made the shoot very relaxed.

He has pecs made of steel and a nice washboard tummy. And his dick is straight as an arrow and hard as a rock, too!

Nathan enjoyed his nipples being played with ever so softly while he stroked his cock. I had to enlist the help of a fluffer to tweak his nips while he jerked himself off. That got him even harder.

Looking unshaven and a little rugged, Nathan was sexy in a way different than most GuyBone guys. He was like that hot gym teacher in high school you secretly dreamt of showering with, or that greasy auto mechanic you always wanted to blow while he worked under the hood of your car.

Regardless of who he reminded me of, he was hot, he had a great body, a nice stiff cock, and in the end, a waterfall of cum that cascaded down his gleaming shaft.

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