Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels

Talk about one of the hottest kids on GuyBone, Owen is fucking perfection. From his sexy smile and bedroom eyes to his chiseled body dusted in a light coating of hair. With a delicious ass and tall cock that gets stiff in seconds, Owen has everything you're after.

Quinn Kartr

Quinn Kartr

Feed your frat boy fetish. Quinn's solid, tatted, hung with a dick as hard as a frat paddle, and has an incredible hole buried inside a bubble butt. From his hat head and cocky grin to his slightly fuzzy tummy and legs, Quinn is all bro and all hot.


Owen and Quinn Flip

What a fuckin hot, fun shoot! These two had tons of chemistry! So much so, you get 10 extra minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

Starting with some sexy kissing and rolling around in gym shorts, dicks quickly stiffened and these two guys were boned for the screwing. Quinn pulled Owen's pierced cock out first, taking it balls deep down his throat. He also made sure to nibble and tug on the ring with his teeth, making Owen's cock jump in excitement.

Taking his turn sucking a rock hard dick, Owen pulled Quinn's thick cock from his shorts and slobbed a knob. It wasn't too long, however, before Quinn just couldn't help himself anymore and had to get his mouth on Owen's hairy, deliciously pink and juicy asshole. Owen loves getting his ass eaten and Quinn loves eating ass. Match made in porn heaven, I'd say. Quinn also made sure to give Owen plenty of fingering fun. Starting with one finger, knuckle deep, he sucked his costars cock while finger fucking him. He slid another in, making two fingers stretch Owen's perfect hole, readying his ass for Quinn's thick dick.

Quinn topped first, filling Owen's SPUNK lubed hole with his swollen shaft. Owen moaned and whimpered in pleasure and the two enjoyed some "yeah, fuck that tight hole" banter. Owen sat on Quinn's erection and rode it like a cowboy, taking total control. His dick certainly enjoyed the ride, ever erect and leaking pre cum out of his piercing hole. It dripped down his firm rod and settled on Quinn's hand that eagerly jerked off his scene partner.

Quinn is still testing the waters of being a versatile top. He's a bit tight as a bottom and takes some coaxing to relax enough to fit in a big, stiff dick like Owen's. But once it's in, he loves it. Owen fucked him doggie style, showing off that giant, sexy back tattoo of Quinn's. Then he fucked him missionary so he could kiss his lips hard, heavy and hot breath hitting each other in the face as they fucked.

When the two had flip fucked to their cock's content, they both blew incredible loads onto Quinn's stomach, chest, and neck. It doesn't get much hotter, or more fun, than these two studs screwing each other to cummy conclusion.

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