Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels

Talk about one of the hottest kids on GuyBone, Owen is fucking perfection. From his sexy smile and bedroom eyes to his chiseled body dusted in a light coating of hair. With a delicious ass and tall cock that gets stiff in seconds, Owen has everything you're after.

Rheo Stone

Rheo Stone

It doesn't get much better than Rheo Stone. A sexy hipster with a deep voice and masculine demeanor, a sculpted torso, tight little ass, and one of the biggest, hottest curved cocks on GuyBone. His smile will give you insta-wood and seeing him use his tool like a pro will push you over the finish line.


Owen Tops Rheo

Holy. Fucking. Hot. This was Owen's second visit to film with us in California and he came back with a bang! Hard at the drop of a hat and virile as the day is long, Owen is pure frat boy fucking gorgeous. He had bottomed for Rheo the day before going to the beach to film this scene, so their chemistry was already established and absolutely perfect. My goodness, was this a hot time!

We love this gay nude beach, which you might recognize from one of our very popular scenes, Axel & Trevor Flip Raw. I have no doubt this scene will become very popular as well, because the guys are just as hot and this location always brings us luck. See if you can find the similar piggy-back photos between both scenes. Owen and Rheo wanted to recreate / poke fun at Axel and Trevor's original shoot. Good times! I think, honestly, they might have outdone themselves and one-upped the previous beach scene. During this scene, a few of my favorite minutes of film ever occurred. Keep your eyes peeled and dick hard for Owen lifting Rheo off a tree trunk and fucking him in mid air. Rheo puts his arms back on the wood and takes Owen's stiff wood deep and hard. The two guys have a hot, passionate, intensely rhythmic fuck during this moment and it gives me insta-wood.

They started the scene with some great making out and oral. Rheo soaked Owen's underwear, sucking on his pierced cock through the fabric barrier. Once he pulled it out, it was just as hot, slobbing on his dick and swallowing the pierced head deep down his throat. I couldn't wait to see Owen blow Rheo. Rheo's dick is ridiculously huge and hot and watching another dude suck on it is marvelous. Owen did it justice, deepthroating it and letting Rheo hold his head down on it. Lots of ball licking, too, before onto the main attraction.

Attraction indeed. We drew a small crowd of about ten horny guys while filming the anal portion of the scene. We let them watch, all naked and stroking their boners while witnessing Owen plowing Rheo's tight ass. The boys were fine with an audience until it was time to cum. Then they needed to focus, so we kindly asked the crowd to break up... but be sure to look for the scene when it got published on the site.

Cumming in private, while in public, proved to be just what they wanted. Rheo jizzed first, a hot load up his chest as Owen railed his hole. Then, to our delight, Owen asked Rheo to top him for a few minutes to push him over the edge. Guess he'd become a little addicted to Rheo's massive rod the day before when he took it for an entire scene. Rheo obliged and fucked a huge load out of Owen. Then the two cum covered guys kissed and collapsed, victorious in one helluva fucking hot scene!

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