Miles Fallon

Miles Fallon

After dreaming of and drooling over the idea of filming Miles Fallon for what seemed like an eternity, I finally got my chance and it's true - GREAT things cum to those who wait! Miles is the sweetest, most genuine, sexiest ball of fit fur and fucking hotness you're ever gonna meet. He's funny, easy to talk to, and so damn adorable.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is cute as fuck and even furrier! He's unbelievably sexy and his pics don't do justice to the in-person version. He's incredibly charming and has a smile that'll melt you fast.


Parker Tops Miles Raw

Taking us along for the steamy journey, Miles started with a handful of Parker’s junk in his hand through sweatpants. Then they worshipped each other’s hairy nipples and pits between sexy smooches. They stripped out of their sweats so Miles could get a better view and taste of Parker’s swelling manhood. That first spring out of pants is the most exciting for a boner, being released into the wild, feeling the fresh air hit skin, throbbing to full erection and having a hottie like Miles put your penis in his mouth.

He gulped Parker’s cock down his throat, making that delicious slurping sound we love. Such a good, deep-throated boy. And when he gagged on it, he did it on purpose, and they both fucking lapped it up. Parker held his head and helped him service that slick shaft, spit strands streaming from the head to Miles’ eager lips. He was so cock hungry. And Parker had the perfect cock to feed him.

They kissed with those spit filled lips and mouths then Parker kicked back on the couch for some more head. Miles was happy to continue sucking his cock. They were both all smiles, thoroughly enjoying playing with each other’s bodies. Parker stood behind Miles and rubbed his rock hard dick against his juicy butt cheeks. Then he knelt and started eating. Miles was on all fours on the table, Parker squatted and rimming that perfect pucker pushed out and presenting itself to his talented tongue. He licked that hairy asshole and teased it with his stiffie. He stood behind Miles and eased his thick dick inside his tight hole. Their bodies worked together to make it happen, to make that small hole open for that big boner. And they succeeded so sexily. Parker picked up his pace and humped into Miles’ hole so fucking perfectly.

His hairy hole opened deliciously for Parker to pound him. Parker was balls deep inside and stretching him to perfection. They screwed hard and raw, Parker’s bareback bone plowing Miles’ precious ass. They moved over to the chair and Miles threw his legs and ass up for Parker to get in good and deep. They moaned hardcore heavy, their breath bated, fucking furiously and making out in between thrusts. Parker held Miles’ ankles as he annihilated his ass, pumping him full of hot, hard, bareback boner. He did pushups into his pretty little ass, owning him and destroying him and pleasuring him all at once.

Next up, Miles showed off his power bottoming skills, sitting on Parker’s stiff as steel rod, bouncing on it like he was riding a mechanical bull. Bam! Bam! Bam! His butt slammed against Parker’s thighs, they delighted in the sensation. They quickly wanted to stand fuck though, so they headed to the table where they really fucked great! Parker railed Miles against the table. He bellowed his ecstasy as Parker wrapped his arms around from behind, hug fucking him. He was gentle when he needed to be, then an absolute animal when he wanted. They were both in total bliss.

One more round and position as Parker fucked Miles on his back on the table. Come on, wouldn’t you wanna look into that beautiful face and at that super furry chest as you humped your way to climax? The masculine groans and grunts as they appeased their sexual appetites was horny as hell to the ears. The way their eyebrows raised and lowered, grimacing at each other in the most primal, heat of passion way. Two dudes banging their bodies together to make each other feel fucking fantastic.

Miles sat between Parker’s legs and they both jerked their meat hurriedly, ready to explode fountains of jizz they'd churned up in their balls. Miles was first to cum, shooting a deliciously creamy load all over himself and the floor as he looked longingly and cock-dazed at Parker’s schlong. The sound of both boys beating their meat simultaneously sent shivers up my spine. Such a hot sound. Parker blew his load next, pumping hot fresh semen all over Miles’ bearded mug and chest. Miles tasted it and they both sank back, collapsing in ecstasy, sighing that post sex sigh and wondering how long until the next time. Hopefully not too long, fellas, cuz this is a reunion I’d film any day!

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