Parker is the quintessential guy next door. He's cute, he's funny, he's hot in the sack. With a thick, slightly curved cock, and just the right amount of body hair covering his milky white skin, Parker is every guy's dream between the sheets.


Parker's Solo

Could Parker have been any cuter with his messy hair, fanboy T-shirt, and boy next door mug?

Wait, I forgot to mention his thick boner, bursting from his underwear.

Parker was a find, no doubt about it. The perfect amount of hair on his body, the perfect face for the camera, the nice meaty cock with a hint of a curve, and awesome balls that bounced when he beat off.

He seemed very playful during the shoot, smiling at the camera, trying different positions, really enjoying touching his beautiful dick. I really enjoyed watching, too.

His chunky cock left pre cum trails all over the bed and when it came time to blow his load, he let go of his dick and let the cum fly across his chest.

Seeming surprised that he was shooting so much, so far, he grabbed hold of his squirting shaft and finished with a controlled cum shot.

Outstanding, and one of my favorite cum shots so far.

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