Patrick Stone

Patrick Stone

Looking like an inked skater punk who'd work behind the counter at a tattoo parlor, Patrick Stone is incredibly sexy and straight acting. Makes sense, considering he's bisexual. Patrick is slim and hung, his incredibly stiff dick towering 8 impressive inches.


Patrick's Solo

What a find! Patrick is incredibly sexy. And his confidence is through the fly of his jeans. His dick is impressive limp, but when it gets hard, holy fuck. Tall, stiff, and taut. It must fill up holes quite nicely, be they on men or women. That's right, Patrick is bisexual. Our first official bi guy, in fact. The moment I found out, I was even more turned on. Guys are hot, period. But straight guys are "off limits" and a total fantasy. The next best thing is a bi guy because he's straight enough to fuck chicks, but still enjoys having hot fun with the boys.

Patrick said he loves nailing women, but prefers bottoming for dudes. We'll make sure he gets some vers fun on GuyBone. A big dick is a novelty for sure, and his is no exception. Watching him stroke it, slathered in SPUNK, got my shorts a little tighter as I filmed. And he has an incredibly loose, sexy nut sack that smacks his taint as he jerks.

Sounds play a big part in sex, I find. Patrick had a piece of gum in his scene and listening to him breathe heavy while chewing made the hairs on my neck stand up in arousal. Imagining his mouth moving close to my ear, making that soft and squishy noise, gave me goosebumps. That combined with the sound of my neighbors mowing their lawn put me in heaven. There's something very relaxing and sexual about hot, lazy days, windows open, the sounds of summer blowing into the bedroom on the breeze, across a naked body and a rock hard cock that is begging to cum.

My favorite part of his solo was the position he ended in, straddling the corner of the bed, one leg planted on the floor, the other holding the wall up. He's got sexy feet and in this position I could see his entire body, from cute toes curled in anticipation to fuzzy asshole he teased with one finger to perfect cock he finally let nut all over his trim tummy. And that O-Face was perfection. Like angry sex face mixed with the greatest ecstasy of his life. I didn't have to ask if it felt good. The globs of jizz across his stomach and still dripping down his boner were all the answer I needed.

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