Pedro Roxy

Pedro Roxy

Pedro is tall, hung, and stunningly sexy. With a tight torso and ass of steel, this stretch of a stud knows how to suck a dick, fuck an ass, and everything in between. He's also incredibly sweet.

Quinn Kartr

Quinn Kartr

Feed your frat boy fetish. Quinn's solid, tatted, hung with a dick as hard as a frat paddle, and has an incredible hole buried inside a bubble butt. From his hat head and cocky grin to his slightly fuzzy tummy and legs, Quinn is all bro and all hot.


Quinn Tops Pedro

Quinn's a blonde! And Pedro's a bottom! Everything's new! Join these two studs for a hardcore romp in the sheets and never regret a second!

The scene starts off with Quinn already naked and boned, making out with Pedro and helping his costar's cock grow inside his jeans. After stripping him nude, they taste each others dicks and balls, slurping and gagging on big thick erections. Pedro stood beside the bed, feeding him is cock. Quinn beat the heavy meat against his tongue and face, getting Pedro even harder, the head of his dick swelling incredibly.

After plenty of oral fun, Quinn flipped up Pedro's legs and went to work eating his hairy asshole. The way Quinn rims should be studied. He's a fucking pro at pleasing his scene partners. I love watching guys rub their hard dicks together and was especially pleased to see Quinn and Pedro do it. They both have such handsome hardons, must have felt fucking amazing to rub them together, feeling the heat from the other boner against your own.

Quinn rubbered up his dick and lubed up Pedro's ass with SPUNK. From there it was smooth sailing as the two screwed to their heart's content. Quinn had already asked Pedro if he could pound him hard and Pedro was definitely on board. Quinn got the rough ball rolling when he spanked Pedro's ass during the rim job. Keep your eye on the hand print that gets more red and pronounced throughout the scene. He spanked him hard a second time and Pedro slapped him in the face and then choked him a bit. These two were fucking insane.

It's nice when you find two guys who are into the same things and can just go wild with each other. These two did just that, throwing inhibitions to the wind and banging like the animals we all are. So much so, that during sex, Quinn literally fucked the cum out of Pedro. Mid thrust, Pedro's cock started oozing out cum, then gushing. "That came outta nowhere" he laughed as he finished milking jizz from his piss slit. The guys laughed, but it was obvious where it had come from... a satisfied body that loved what the hard dick was giving it in the ass.

Quinn jerked himself off lying next to a very happy Pedro, then the two sealed the scene with a wet kiss. Talk about one hot fuck. You know it's good when one guy has a surprise cumshot!

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