Rand Wood

Rand Wood

Rand is ridiculously sexy. He's got everything you'd want with that boy next door look and unleashes a surprisingly wild side once out of clothes. He's got a lean body and big, mushroom-headed, curved cock and enough freckles to swoon over all day.


Rand's Solo

Oh, boy! Rand Wood. Perhaps the quintessential boy next door. But with an exhibitionist streak. Mmm from his blue hair nearly hidden under a ball cap to his nipples so tight they could cut glass to his slim, milky white body dusted with freckles and tattoos, Rand was exactly what I'd been looking for. Yes, I'm an otter addict. I love my furry fellas forever. But occasionally, I don't need so much hair. Just enough in all the right places. Pits, happy trail, pubes, ass and legs. And Rand checked all those boxes. Thoroughly.

This sexy young lad met up with me at a hiking trail and we walked a mile or so deep into the woods to film his solo audition. He was pent up after not jerking for nearly a week (that's what I call dedication). Took every ounce of my will power not to strip him at the entrance to the trail. He was giving off an electric sexual energy that was driving me wild.

Finally, we found a shady, secluded rest stop complete with picnic table and began filming. He pulled his tank up and showed off that super sexy happy trail as he tweaked his nipple into steel status. He was already tenting inside his tempting neon trunks, obviously. His look, the location, it was all the perfect prologue to a sultry summer. And then his dick came out.

It was thick, curved, cut, pink as I'd expected, and leaking pre cum as I'd hoped. He was so turned on from the start, which drove me absolutely wild. I kept catching glances of him sneaking peeks in my direction. Could it be he was using me as living porn, or was he simply aroused by the camera because of his air of exhibitionism? I didn't care, honestly. Either way, it was fun and hot to see him looking toward me, and in turn seeing him grow harder by finding me looking back.

His hands trembled a tad as he played with himself. It was endearing. He was nervous. Innocent. But doing something so seemingly naughty. Stroking in the woods. Where anyone could (and at one point, almost did) stumble upon us. It was a risky first venture into the adult industry, but he never batted an eye. A pro without even knowing.

He stripped his tank and tucked it in his back pocket, going back to work rubbing his junk. He shook his stiffy and gently jerked off. His backwards cap and boner popping out of his unzipped fly was heavenly to look at. His cock stood completely erect now, curving toward the tree tops, his mushroom head raging and his piss hole still pre cumming. He took a seat on the picnic table top and fondled his hairy balls. His dick reached his belly button and as he masturbated, I fantasized about dropping to my knees to service him. He didn't need fluffing, though, and I was busy holding the camera. Shrug.

He tugged at his tight nuts spilling over the waistband of his boxer briefs. Fuck, he was horny. And putting on one helluva show. I kept looking over my shoulder. This felt dangerous. And I loved it. And he loved it. Two guys in nature, both hard, one taking care of business, the other living out his voyeuristic intentions. Rand beat his meat for me and showed off his stone hard shaft. He was proud. I was in awe. I drooled over the way his thumb rubbed the rim of his cock head and how he routinely wiped his snail trail off across his happy trail.

He hit his dick against the picnic table as he stood in front of it and fapped. His cock was throbbing to cum and he was ready to show me his explosion. After he smacked his bouncing boner around in the palm of his hand, I gave him the green light and he bust a nut so big and powerful it took my breath away. And his own. He shot his seed across the table top and milked out the remaining drops as he rubbed his chest and caught his breath. He raised his hand to his lips and ate the ribbon of boy batter that had cascaded over his fingers. His hand was trembling yet, but I think after such a hot solo, it was more because he was coming down from the high of orgasm rather than nerves. Either way, Rand was hot as fuck to watch, and I can't wait to see him in action with another GuyBone Guy!

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