Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds

With a boy next door face like Marty McFly, I would love to see industry star Brian Bonds dressed in a vest and sneakers, nothing else, creating a porn parody of Back to the Future (Fuckture?). Alas, GuyBone doesn't make story porn, and the rest of Brian is more man next door than boy.

Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Mason Lear

Mason Lear

Fucking well worth the wait, I'd been trying to get Mason Lear on the site for what seemed like forever. When fate finally brought us together, I knew I was in for a treat. Tall, lean, ridiculously sexy yet shy, sad puppy dog eyed, dark haired Mason is an otter jock dream cum true.


Raw Bro Boning

Welcome back, Charles Grey! What a scene to bring him out of retirement. Getting right to business sucking two beautiful dicks, Charles had no problem acclimating himself to porn once more with the support of Brian Bonds and Mason Lear, freshly engaged super couple, who were delighted to provide Charles his very first 3way. Not sure how a stud like Charles had missed out on threesomes until now, but the trio made up for lost time, making sure to check plenty of items off their bucket lists. So many items, they ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Charles sucked both their cocks deep and to full erection. Then the financés wanted a piece of him, so they put him in the middle and Brian rimmed him hard while Mason enjoyed some more head. Wet and ready to get fucked first, Charles took a seat on Mason's throbbing manhood and let it enter him balls deep. I'm not sure either of these hunks have starter dicks, but Charles took it like a champ. His toned, tatted body looked perfect riding up and down on Mason's huge, curved cock. Brian got some oral satisfaction from Charles, effectively stuffing him from both ends.

I was on holiday in Vegas and the skyline behind the guys looked almost as spectacular as their sex. But no view out a high-rise window could compare to the view right in front of me, of these three utter hotties, ravishing each other's bodies. Brian's nuts hung loose and big, his aching cock, raging steel, being gulped down by Charles through moans of delight as Mason plugged his butt. They all only got harder when Brian spit in Charles' mouth then kissed him full, then put his mouth back on his boner.

To give Charles' ass a break, and to give Mason his own turn on his future hubby's rod, they switched spots and Mason swallowed down Charles' hefty cock while Brian rimmed and then began fucking his fiancé in doggy. Brian lubed up and eased his python inside Mason's hairy, athletic ass. Mason moaned through the big boner crammed down his throat. He opened up easily, obviously accustomed to Brian's big dick, and clearly eager to get fucked by it. Brian began pounding, slamming his shaft into Mason's delicious hole, his balls swinging with the motion.

Mesmerized by the sexual possibilities of being in the threeway, Charles' eyes were wide with excitement, especially when Brian invited him to lube up and fuck his hole as he continued to plow Mason. Charles' cock was rock solid from Mason's sucking skills and he eased it into Brian's back door. All three men had the same pleasured look on their face as they began fucking in the train. Incredible to see Brian work his magic, simultaneously screwing Mason while screwing himself on Charles' fuck stick. The line of sex on display was scintillating.

Charles wanted to try Brian's dick finally so they switched it up and Charles sat down on it slowly, bravely. Once Brian was completely inside him, Charles felt confident to begin gliding. He bounced up and down on Brian's big dick while he blew Mason's raging erection. I was absolutely enamored with the three of them. All sex machines. All bro boning out in the best bareback way imaginable.

They took a brief oral intermission and I didn't object. I could watch them suck each other's giant cocks all day. Brian and Mason took turns servicing Charles, swapping back and forth between shaft and nut sack. Charles' balls were big and full of cum and I was chubbing up watching them work toward an eventual release of that build up. Each one horny to the max, all three dicks stiff as hell, all loving every touch, kiss, lick, hump. There was going to be a huge cum dump at the end of this and I could barely contain my enthusiasm.

Charles was ready to fuck after all the oral stimulus so he had Mason sit on his lap while Brian stood in front of his face, offering up that furry, fantastic ass. Charles devoured one hole with his tongue and the other with his towering cock. I really dug the camaraderie these bros had. Constantly complimenting each other's bodies and praising performances. They were building each other's confidence up, thereby making them all the more hot and bothered. They were making it fun. And if you can't have fun during sex, you're doing it wrong.

Their bare feet and naked bodies were hot as hell as Mason worked Charles' throbbing cock with his juicy peach of an ass. All three of them fit together so perfectly. Charles gnawed down on Brian's butt then offered them the option to trade places. Brian sat on Charles' boner and gulped down Mason's girthy cock. The way his thunder cock helicoptered while he rode that hard dick was a spectacle to behold.

Charles was ready to bottom again, but not before he sucked on those shafts some more. Fuck, he loved blowing cock as much as Brian and Mason loved receiving head from him. Charles was monkey in the middle then as he took Mason's big dick once again and sucked on Brian's thick one some more. Charles looked damn good getting filled from both ends by two handsome cocks. And I just couldn't take my eyes off the absolutely sculpted bodies of Mason and Brian. Sheer perfection.

Before I knew it, the couple had traded places, Brian tagging in to tap that sweet Charles caboose. His beefy, veiny cock stood firm and strong, ready to ram. He lubed it and put it in, Charles panicking at the width of it. No worries, Mason was more than happy to take Charles' place in the middle, giving his hairy raw hole willingly to his future hubby. He choked Charles' fat cock down as he got hammered hard from behind.

Their next position was my absolute favorite. Mason was on top of Brian in doggy, Charles was kneeling behind Mason, tongue fucking his hairy hole. The dick and oral action here was amazing. Then when Charles sucked Brian and even sucked Mason between rounds of him fucking Brian, I nearly lost my mind. So fucking hot. Charles, the Magnificent Tongue, rimmed Mason so well, and even Brian as Mason was fucking him, that this moment was hands down my favorite of the scene.

Mason got really close to cumming during the entire ordeal, so he and Brian seated Charles on the couch and stood on either side of him, stroking their dicks, ready to paint him. Brian was first to bust, blasting a bubbly load of boy batter across Charles' chiseled chest. A milky white beadlette clung to his piss slit as he finished orgasming and let his partner take the stage. Mason ejaculated a rocket of cum across Charles' chest, over onto the couch cushion, and down onto his abs and pubes. What a rain shower! Charles needed a minute to catch up and the boys gave it to him, happily teasing and playing with his cock and balls while he jerked. Brian got his knob nice and wet with spit and Mason sucked his balls and rubbed his inner thigh. Charles joined the pair in ecstasy, pumping a thick wad of jizz from the head of his dick. It globbed down the side of his shaft but Brian and Mason didn't waste it. They each slurped up some sticky cum and swallowed it, then made out and tasted it on each other's tongues. Charles was spent. Not even his birthday, but treated to a royal, raw bro boning. I think we all checked some things off our bucket lists with this scene, and hopefully you'll enjoy watching it as much as we did creating it.

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