Luke Hudson

Luke Hudson

HOT AS FUCK Luke Hudson has finally landed on GuyBone and we're SO excited! Buds with so many of our models, it was only a matter of time til we got to film him, and we're so thankful we did! Smart, sexy, so sweet, and funny as fuck, Luke is one helluva hot trans dude who's made a huge name for himself.

Micah Martinez

Micah Martinez

Big teddy bear hugs and tugs from Micah is all you're gonna be craving after spending time with this muscle cub stud! So sweet, so genuine, funny and sexy, he's beefy and bulked in all the right spots. His ass is so juicy, you gotta get a bite of that big, beautiful peach.


Raw Bro Hole

Snuggled up and snogging on the sofa, two new GuyBone guys, who happened to be real life buds, made their debut together. Trans pornstar Luke Hudson and muscle cub Micah Martinez were a perfect pairing. Their bond was evident immediately and so fun to capture on film. The softest of kisses had Micah’s cock steel, aimed toward the ceiling. Luke’s roaming hands found their way to his rod as they made out marvelously. Super grateful to get these two studs on GuyBone. We know you’re gonna love them!

Luke slid to his knees on the floor, swallowing Micah’s impressive dick balls deep. Micah was instantly in heaven feeling that warm, wet mouth on his manhood. Luke gulped and drooled, completely worshipping the erection between his lips. His bearded mug looked so sexy bobbing up and down on Micah’s big dick. Micah kicked back, an arm up showing off his furry pits. His beefy body was incredibly hot, hairy, and inked to perfection. He was so muscled, ready to go for a roll in the hay. And Luke had his dick hard as stone.

Before they could screw, Micah needed to get his lips on Luke’s dick. He sucked that boy hole and slurped fantastically. Luke moaned in sheer ecstasy as Micah worked over his pussy. His furry hole and pits on display drove me wild and his voice was so hot begging for more mouth service from Micah. He held his neck so Micah was locked in place, furiously flicking his tongue across Luke’s entrance. Two hot men, making each other feel incredible with their mouths.

I needed to see right into Luke’s hole, so I had him mount Micah’s face on the back of the chair. Legs spread, boy hole at the forefront, Micah ate him out expertly. His own rock hard dick throbbed below, Luke rubbing it with his sexy bare foot. When Luke was good and wet, he climbed down and sat on Micah’s towering torpedo. It was a tight fit to start, but he loosened up pretty quick and commenced with the fast and furious thrusting.

Luke rode Micah’s cock hard and hot, slamming his pussy down on the top’s boner. Such a stud to watch hump. He fucked himself hard on Micah’s meaty dick, getting his boy hole extra frothy. Their bareback boning was beyond hot. It was everything I wanted to see and more. Their sex was spectacular. Especially when they moved to the ottoman for some truly tantalizing pounding. Luke’s raw bro hole was on full display and Micah was taking full advantage of this birthday gift. That’s right, I forgot to mention, we filmed on Micah’s birthday! What a fucking excellent gift from his friend! And a cake! Best friend sex and a cake! Nothing compares!

I swear I could feel the friction as Micah pumped Luke’s pussy full of pristine prick. It was such a perfect fit and an absolute treat to watch. Hearing Luke groan with each pound of Micah’s pud, hearing the sound of their bodies coming together slick and sexy, hearing Micah’s breathy exclamations. It was all so perfect. Watching that hard cock slide in and out of Luke’s hole was superb! And the view from underneath their bareback sex was beyond words. So intense. So incredible.

Doggie style on the sofa was next, Micah absolutely railing Luke’s bonus hole. That jock pussy was juicy and aching for Micah’s thick dick to fill it. The beefy stud of a top grabbed his bottom’s hips and humped hard, stabbing that hole with his shaft. They were such a hot combo! Especially when Micah mounted Luke and I filmed their fuck from behind. What a view! That beautiful bone burying itself repeatedly inside that pink perfection. Fuck, they were on fire! Micah was ready to blow his load and Luke didn’t want him to hold back. He invited him to breed his boy hole and Micah obliged, shooting his seed deep inside that perfect pussy. They both cried out in orgasm, feeling Micah’s nut gushing into Luke’s warm cavern. He pulled out and played with Luke’s hole, fingering and tasting his creamy deposit. They kissed a final time and relaxed in each other’s arms, a debut scene well done and some birthday sex breeding for the record books. Huge, horny welcome to Micah and Luke, we are thrilled to have you both join the GuyBone family!

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