Adam Surge

Adam Surge

Smoldering, seductive Adam will surely give you a surge in your shorts. Scruffy, scintillating, hairy, handsome, and incredibly smart. Dark fur covers his body, surrounds his mouthwatering shaft, and decorates his inviting hole.

Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes is one sexy mothafucka! He's been on plenty of porn sites, always a pro, and packs quite a wallop with that near 9"er of his! He's sweet, sexy, soft spoken, and seriously skilled in the versatile arena.

Jared Griffin

Jared Griffin

Jared and I had been trying to get together to film for some time, and finally I was able to make it happen. Thank goodness, because this pocket-sized otter is a keeper! Hairy, hung (fuck, is that a long cock), and horny beyond belief, Jared is versatile and loves giving as much as receiving (check out that delicious ass).

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.


Raw Rookie Welcome

Happy 8 Year Anniversary from GuyBone.com! To celebrate, we brought in three uber sexy GuyBone Guys, Dylan, Jared and Lance, to welcome new stud Adam to the pack! These furry fuckers had one helluva raw 4way flip fuck and ended up with an extra 20 minutes of footage! That's double standard length and definitely more fuck for your buck!

Snuggled up on the sofa, Lance and Jared got handsy while Adam and Dylan started sucking face. It was all tongues and touching from there. Dylan's fat cock was hard and ready to be manhandled, so Adam grabbed it and got to work. He pulled his own stiff dick out as well and they stroked side by side, showing off their shafts. Dylan dropped down on Adam's boner while Lance repositioned so Jared could start sucking him, too. Adam dove into Jared's hairy ass face first and Dylan came up behind to rim him. What a hot oral train they had going.

The guys looked outrageously stunning in their jockstraps. They swapped positions so Adam could taste Lance's rock hard erection while Jared and Dylan stacked and stroked their cocks nearby. Adam sniffed Lance's bushy pits and got lost in the sexy musk. By the time they started making out and tweaking nipples, Jared was deepthroating Dylan's rod. Everyone was boned to the max. Big, hard dicks everywhere you turned. Dylan knelt and blew Jared, that long steel shaft getting lost in the back of his throat. Adam finished eating Lance's ass and laid back on the couch so he could have his handsome, veiny shaft serviced. The four came back together in a heavy breathing, horny foursome, Lance on Adam's dick, then Jared, and Adam working over Dylan's pole. An oral odyssey. The best was when Lance teased Dylan's hole with the tip of his dick, Adam underneath licking all the action, back and forth from ass to shaft. And Dylan went from blowing Jared to eating his ass as Lance filled him completely, the first bareback fuck of the day.

Lance needed to tease another hole so he moved to Jared's back door and rubbed his wet cock all up and down the otter's crack. Jared ate Adam's hairy ass while Adam went down on Dylan. Then Jared's mouth got busy moaning as Lance buried his bone balls deep. Then the grunting. Then the fucking. They were in the mix now.

Jared and Lance switched spots so Lance could be monkey in the middle. He stuffed his cock inside Adam and then presented his own hole for Jared to take full advantage of. The train was formed and it was hot as fuck. Filled at both ends, Adam swallowed Dylan's fat cock while Lance fucked him bareback. Jared nailed Lance, pushing him even deeper into Adam's ass. They broke apart and Lance fucked Jared for a minute before sucking him some more and fingering his ass. Then he turned and gave it up to Adam who was rock hard and ready to fuck something. That something was Lance's hot, hairy hole and it was a beauty to watch.

Lance's shroom head flared as his cock filled with blood. The harder Adam pounded his ass, the more his dick throbbed. Jared reached out and fondled it as Dylan sucked him on the sofa. Adam slammed his shaft into Lance's ass then took a seat next to the boys and invited Lance to ride his rod. Simultaneously, Dylan hopped on Jared's big dick and both guys went for a ride. Bouncing on boners, Lance and Dylan made their tops moan in delight. Adam worshipped Lance's ripe pits while Dylan and Jared fucked wildly. There was suddenly a whirlwind of nipple play and tongue swirling and what came next was utterly amazing.

Lance and Jared both wanted to get DP'd, a GuyBone first, so we were definitely going to do it. The acrobatics of double penetration can be mind boggling, but the guys figured it out and Adam and Jared both squeezed their stiff dicks inside Lance for one helluva double fucking. I can't begin to imagine what having two guys inside you at the same time feels like, but it's clearly a treat, judging from the sounds escaping Lance's pleased mouth. Those coming out of Adam and Jared were equally arousing, feeling their boners sliding together inside Lance's hole.

Next up, Jared wanted his turn on two cocks. Lance and Dylan licked each other's tongues to get Dylan as hard as possible. Then he scissored Adam and they held their two wooden cocks together for Jared to sit down on. What a double stuffing it was! And more power to Adam for being inside both Lance and Jared with another dude at the same time. Bucket list checked for sure! Jared let out several cries of ecstasy as he took their massive meat hammers inside him. They opened him up real good before pairing off and fucking side by side on the sofa.

Adam rode Dylan, Jared rode Lance. The backside bouncing looked bodacious. The smiles on Dylan and Lance's faces and the deeply satisfied moans they made told their bouncing bottoms just how much they enjoyed their lap dances. They kept their top and bottom roles but switched positions to lying down next to one another. Dylan and Lance hammered out Adam and Jared's holes in missionary. Then they noticed how hard they had made their bottoms and decided to climb on top to return the favor. Lance and Dylan took seats on Jared and Adam's stiff shafts and rode like champions. Like muthafuckin champions!

For their final fucking position, the experienced guys all took turns doing the rookie in doggie. Lance was up first. He and Dylan spit-roasted Adam like the good piggy he was. Then Jared was up, working his long dong into a frenzy with one final deep dicking. SPUNK Lube was on hand the entire scene to keep the guys slick and sliding into asses with ease. Dylan was the final fuck, filling Adam's used hole up with the fattest cock of the day. These bareback boys knew exactly how to welcome their new bro to the family. They screwed him six ways from Sunday and he loved every second of it.

At Adam's request, his new buds gathered round him and systematically spermed all over him. Lance, then Dylan, followed by Jared, each deposited a hefty dumptruck of cum onto their costar. Most splattered his face, some hit his hairy chest, all of it fucking elated Adam. So much seed. Maybe our best bukkake! Adam cozied up with the guys on the couch once more, beating his meat to completion. They worshipped his nips, his nuts, his newness. And then he exploded. Hot, white, creamy boy batter oozed from his cock head and drizzled down his dick. He was at home. Initiated. One of us. And we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our 8 GREIGHT years with you!

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