Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels

Talk about one of the hottest kids on GuyBone, Owen is fucking perfection. From his sexy smile and bedroom eyes to his chiseled body dusted in a light coating of hair. With a delicious ass and tall cock that gets stiff in seconds, Owen has everything you're after.

Rheo Stone

Rheo Stone

It doesn't get much better than Rheo Stone. A sexy hipster with a deep voice and masculine demeanor, a sculpted torso, tight little ass, and one of the biggest, hottest curved cocks on GuyBone. His smile will give you insta-wood and seeing him use his tool like a pro will push you over the finish line.


Rheo Tops Owen

I'm really grateful for my job. Sometimes more grateful than others. Like when I get to watch two fucking hot studs like Rheo and Owen screw until they shoot right in front of me. Inches away. I can feel the heat radiating off their sweaty bodies. I can smell the sex in the air. It's seeing two incredibly hot guys like them have sex for my camera that really puts a smile on my face... and a stiffy in my shorts. And this one made me so incredibly happy and horny, there's an extra 10 minutes of footage, giving you more fuck for your buck!

Not to put a damper on what I'm sure you'll agree is one helluva fucking hot scene, but it looks like this might be Owen Daniels' last. Sexy, hairy, toned, horny as the day is long Owen has retired from porn and gone the way of higher education. We applaud him but will miss the fuck outta him. So, if you're wondering why it took so damn long for us to publish this little treasure of a scene, that's why. We knew once it was edited and released, he was really gone. And that there wouldn't be any more scenes from him. Ah, such is the case so often in an impulse driven industry like this. We definitely enjoyed our time with him and welcome him back any time in the future.

Now, back to the fucking. Rheo Stone shines in this scene because he gets to showcase his talent as a hung, hard, masculine top. He's all cock and confidence. I love watching him in every situation in this scene, from sucking Owen's rock hard dick and teasing the head with his tongue, to rimming that beautifully brown-haired hole, to driving his big, thick dick balls deep into Owen's ass and making him beg for more. Rheo is outstanding and nothing short of perfection here. Some of his best work, hands down! Owen cannot get enough of that gargantuan cock that Rheo is more than happy to repeatedly stab him with. Moaning, yelling, and a good ole fashioned ass pounding are in store for you with this scene!

They cover plenty of positions so you get to see Rheo's massive schlong slamming into that perfect pink hole from a variety of angles. They both love every minute of it and both cum big at the end. Owen jerks off standing at the edge of the bed, shooting a healthy load across Rheo's mouth and cheek. Like me, and probably most of you, Rheo gets off even quicker when fresh, hot cum has just been unloaded on his face. He jerks frantically with both fists until he reaches the same satisfying climax Owen did. He busts a clear load across his tight tummy and Owen licks some up then kisses his costar farewell.

It's been a really hot ride, Owen. You were terrific. Now, to find Rheo another incredible bottom that can handle his almost nine inches of heaven! Grab your SPUNK Lube and stroke off to this scene pronto!

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