Rheo Stone

Rheo Stone

It doesn't get much better than Rheo Stone. A sexy hipster with a deep voice and masculine demeanor, a sculpted torso, tight little ass, and one of the biggest, hottest curved cocks on GuyBone. His smile will give you insta-wood and seeing him use his tool like a pro will push you over the finish line.


Rheo's Solo

Fucking. Perfection.

That's Rheo Stone in two words. He's young, VERY hung, and full of hot cum that pumps out of his dick like a broken water main. And there's so much footage from this stud, you get an extra 20 minutes of stroking pleasure! That's a GuyBone solo first and more spank for your bank!

At first glance, you might mistake Rheo for a feminine hipster twink. But rest assured, he's incredibly masculine and has one of the sexiest, deepest voices I've ever heard. He had a fun punk haircut for his solo but has since shaved it off (which I think makes him a thousand times hotter). Regardless of hair or clothes, when this boy gets naked, only one thing matters: his leaning tower of 8 inches.

Beautifully curved to slide down any throat with ease, Rheo's massive cock leaks pre cum like you wouldn't believe. And he loves to play with it, making long strings of "cum webs" and tasting his flavor from the end of his thumb.

His body is ridiculously toned. And I have a thing for moles and freckles, so all of his gave me something extra to lust over while watching him jerk his big piece of meat. Smacking it against his palm, rubbing it across the bed, and pushing it against his thigh to feel the heat of his erection, Rheo was an excellent entertainer. I couldn't take my eyes off his amazing body and stunning boner. Neither could he. And can you blame him? With a cock like Rheo's, it captures everyones attention.

Sometimes with hung guys, you don't get much of a show in the way of cumshots. I always joke the cum has further to travel up that big shaft, so it doesn't shoot the same way a smaller dick would. But Rheo again proved you should never judge a book by its cover, blasting his nut into the air and all over his lean tummy.

100% versatile, Rheo is ready for action scenes. I have a feeling he's going to have a very busy schedule with us in the near future. That puts a very big smile on my face. And a very hard dick in my pants. Grab your SPUNK Lube and enjoy this scene!

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