Dirty mechanic hands that you can't wait to get all over your body, a tight chest, a handsome stiff dick, and sexy freckles to make this bad boy still next door cute, Ritter is everything you could want in a straight guy going gay for pay. He's masculine and quiet but knows how to get a bud off. Looking forward to seeing him explore with plenty of GuyBone guys.

Sutter Coxson

Sutter Coxson

Sutter is a club kid extraordinaire who has a penchant for attracting straight and bicurious guys. That's a talent I'll happily help him exploit as we continue to get to know this bearded, ruggedly handsome, fun and wild guy. Equipped with a thick cock and a nice chest with tight nipples, it's no wonder he brings all the boys to his yard.


Ritter and Sutter Blow

420 is a pretty perfect release date for these two stoners in their debut scene. Hot and horny as they come, Ritter and Sutter are two very fun finds for GuyBone. Sutter is a club kid who attracts straight and bicurious guys like a magnet. Not sure what his power is, but I like it. It drew in Ritter. The two are off camera buds who jerk, suck and fuck each other occasionally, but Ritter is definitely straight. Okay, Ritter is definitely bicurious. But on the straighter side.

From the mechanics grease and grime under Ritter's fingernails to his ever so sneaky peeks at Sutter's thick cock, I couldn't get enough of this guy. He was straight up thug and it turned me on hardcore. Seemed to work on Sutter as well. As soon as they got comfy on the couch, Sutter was chubbed up and ready to stroke. He pulled his dick out first and showed it off. I love that Ritter pretended not to notice or care. All the while, his own handsome boner stiffened at the site of his bud's hard cock.

Chests were exposed revealing two very sexy sets of nipples. Sutter took the initiative and reached over to help jerk his buddy. Ritter followed suit and grabbed Sutter's raging erection with his dirty fist. They stroked each other to complete hardons, playing with balls and smiling and breathing heavy. After tasting a long trail of his own precum, Sutter was ready to suck his bro's dick.

He blew Ritter in a couple different positions while Ritter watched chicks getting banged on his phone. A mouth is a mouth, they say, so he was hard and enjoying what gay for pay had to offer. Then Sutter gripped both boners in his palm and simultaneously stroked both guys. Their cocks swelled and Ritter took another peek at what must have felt incredibly good on his shaft.

If at this point you don't believe Ritter is straight, get ready for your proof. He takes his turn sucking Sutter's girthy rod and his poor, unpracticed jaw just can't handle it. He rubs it, stretches it, takes a couple quick breaks, but manages to give pretty decent head... just not deeper than the head. Still, it's hot as fuck watching this straight dude go from getting his own cock serviced to sucking off his bud. Just seeing a hard dick in his mouth got me all sorts of excited.

It must have turned him on, too, because Ritter was the first to cum. He stood up and shot a rocket of cum across Sutter's face, directly into his eye. It burns! The rest Sutter managed to catch on his tongue, tasting and swallowing that salty straight boy load. He licked his bud's cock clean and they switched positions so Sutter could bust, too. Ritter jerked his buddy off again, sucked a little, and finally when his arm gave in, Sutter took over and got himself to climax. He blasted ribbons of cum all over Ritter's chest. So much nut! He painted that straight boy chest and then rubbed his cock head across Ritter's taught nipple. Fucking hot! To finish the scene, he rubbed his cum covered palm across Ritter's unsuspecting face. What a dick move. Funny to everyone except the straight dude.

This scene was not just their first for GuyBone, but also a first for the site. We'd never had a dual audition before. It's always a solo jerk off. I thought it would be crazy hot to have these two friends jerk off together, maybe get a little wandering handsy with each other, but they took it to the next level with the hot oral. Couldn't be happier to have had these two be my first dual audition. You're gonna love it!

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