River Reed

River Reed

Claiming he's a natural redhead, I think I prefer River as a bottle blonde. Combined with milky white skin and an innocent yet striking face, this bottom is more than ready for his close up. With a dick that gets rock hard in seconds and a smile that'll totally make you crush, River is so fucking boy next door sexy.


River's Solo

Twink, punk, whatever label you want to attach to River, it doesn't change how incredibly sexy and in love with the camera this kid is.

Baby-faced and smooth-skinned, I like em pale with pink dicks and River has exactly what I like. A natural redhead, you can see a tinge of ginger in his pubes, but I find the bottle blonde look incredibly sexy on him.

He wasted absolutely no time getting naked. Maybe the fastest stripper on GuyBone so far. Although, I have to say, those black jeans made his legs look very hot. After breaking his rock hard cock free of its boxer brief prison, he sprawled out on the bed and started stroking. A constant glisten of pre cum teased at the entrance to his piss slit. His moaning and heavy breathing was enough to give me a permanent boner, but it was when he slid the dildo into his ass that I got wicked hard.

One of his perfectly little round ass cheeks would fit into the palm of my hand. He spread them apart and showed off his impeccable hole, then drove the dildo deep, feeling every inch of it turn him on more and more. He started grinding against the bed, humping while he fucked himself with the sex toy. His long legs, just hairy enough, and his sexy feet stretched out toward me as he found a rhythm riding the dildo. I wished it was me inside him so bad at the moment.

He got on his knees, still driving the dildo into his ass, his dick harder than I'd seen it yet. He snapped it against his stomach and jerked faster and harder. Maybe the sexiest thing I saw him do, was when he licked his own armpit, the hair brushing across his nose. He said it really turned him on to do it and I agreed wholeheartedly.

To finish his solo, River settled on his back, shooting a nice load of hot cum up his stomach. Young, sexy and confident, this GuyBone guy is a welcomed addition to the gang. Now, to find a hot top to pound that perfect ass!

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