Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Roy Gardner

Roy Gardner

Roy Gardner is giving every GuyBone guy a run for their money for the title of hottest model on the site! This bicurious dude drips sex appeal. From his beautiful brown eyes and pouty frown to his masculine beard and body hair to his toned tummy and tight ass to that big, hard, perfect cock.


Roy Tops Charles Raw Part 1

“Ready to work your mouth?” Simple question, hot start to a sexy two part scene shot in a swanky suite in Vegas. Roy and Charles were in their underwear in the jacuzzi, wet and rock hard. Charles asked the question of Roy and with a heavy flop, Charles' thick cut cock was exposed and being slurped down by eager to please bi guy Roy. He may not have a ton of experience with dudes, but he aims to please with his ever curious ways. He used Ryan Fargo's trademark blowjob move (rubbing a hard dick across his beard) on Charles because he remembered how good it felt when Fargo did it to him. Things like that, attention to detail, wanting to satisfy your costar, all make Roy an incredibly hot asset to GuyBone.

And Charles, well, just look at him. The guy oozes sex appeal and knows exactly what to do in every situation. He dropped to his knees in the tub and pulled Roy's long erection from his tight, wet shorts. He worked diligently on that dick, gulping its full length to the back of his throat. Roy face fucked him, his glistening wet pubes and tummy triangle of fur looking hotter than ever. Charles stuffed Roy's stiff cock back inside his soaked boxer briefs and licked and nibbled on it through the cotton. His pink throbbing shaft flexed and jumped from the sensation, trying desperately to rip through the fabric.

They moved to the bed, losing towels immediately, Roy diving down to blow Charles some more. He slobbed his veiny knob and choked its curvy girth down his throat. Then Roy leaned back on his knees, offering his towering rod to Charles' hungry mouth. He guided the back of his neck and encouraged him to go balls deep. Charles had Roy incredibly stiff and decided it was time to lube him up with SPUNK and slip it in his ass. He sat on the big dick, accepting it fully, instantly beginning to ride. Roy's perfect nuts bounced up and down with each hump and Charles reached back to give them a squeeze. Roy stroked Charles' hard dick from the front side while they gyrated. Then he reached back and spread his bottoms' butt cheeks to show off the tight hole he was tapping.

He spooned Charles and drove his dick deep into the vocal bottom. They kissed sexily, their lips making an irresistible smacking. Roy gave Charles a reach around and praised the tightness of his asshole. They worked in sync, thrusting raw cock in and out of hairy hole. They were devouring each other's bodies, madly aroused. Charles noticed his dick was leaking precum. Roy dabbed the clear fluid with his thumb and tasted it, then offered Charles a taste. They kissed, their tongues rubbing the precum around their mouths. My dick nearly exploded.

They moved to the chaise at my request and fucked in a couple quick positions, notably a scissoring one that showed off both their toned bodies and big dicks. They traded it in for a return to the bed, though, as that was a much more comfortable workspace. Eh, I tried.

Roy got Charles on his back and fucked his bareback hole deep and slow. Charles jerked his own boner and they moaned together as they built toward climax. Charles blew his load across his stomach as Roy continued nailing him. They traded places and as Roy neared his own cumshot, Charles declared “I'm not done with you yet. Let's move this shit to the couch.”

They walked with each other to the living room, dicks swinging, taking in that grand Vegas view. Roy sat on the sofa and started sucking Charles' cum soaked cock again. His cum was brewing even stronger in his sack as his bottom took charge and kissed him hard on the lips.


Be sure to see the rest of this scene in ROY TOPS CHARLES RAW PART 2

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