Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Roy Gardner

Roy Gardner

Roy Gardner is giving every GuyBone guy a run for their money for the title of hottest model on the site! This bicurious dude drips sex appeal. From his beautiful brown eyes and pouty frown to his masculine beard and body hair to his toned tummy and tight ass to that big, hard, perfect cock.


Roy Tops Charles Raw Part 2

Be sure to see the start of this scene in ROY TOPS CHARLES RAW PART 1


Roy had bareback fucked the cum right out of Charles, but when it was Roy's turn to jizz, Charles ordered him to the living room for more raw sex. This bossy bottom hadn't had his fill and he wanted to ride more. And more. And more.

Roy was even harder now, having been forced to hold his seed inside longer. His dick was so fucking stiff, it felt like the first time all over again for Charles. He eased down on it then opened up and bounced full throttle. His beautiful butt rocketed up and down on that intensely firm boner as he smooched his costar. Roy picked Charles up and swung him around, dropping his sexy ass on the sofa. He thrust his raw cock completely inside Charles, driving the bottom utterly wild. Watching Charles squeeze Roy's furry ass from behind, seeing Charles' toes curl as he got pounded, sent sexy goosebumps up my spine.

They got into reverse cowgirl and Roy smacked that juicy ass, shoving his dick deep between Charles' butt cheeks. His abs clenched as he thrust up into his costar's perfect ass. I was still in wonder of how hard his cock was. Charles' own beefy cock was bopping to and fro as he took it condom free up his tight hole.

They took a blowjob break and Roy read his comic like the fucking hot nerd he is while Charles serviced his super hard shaft orally. Then it was back to business as Charles climbed on top of that flagpole cock drenched in SPUNK Lube. He sat back on it, holding himself still while Roy did the humping. He worked his hips up and down, drilling his big, stiff dick into Charles' tight but willing asshole.

Next they tried doggie with a view. Charles bent over in front of the giant panoramic window and offered his back door to “Roy Boy” who was more than ready to take it. Charles exclaimed, “Fuck! You're stuffin' my ass!” Roy continued to do just that as they moved into the kitchen, bent over the counter, standing and screwing. Roy's long, thick cock slid in and out of that hairy ass of Charles' and they both praised the awesome way their bodies felt.

I had to get in some last minute slot play, so I headed down to the casino floor to gamble a bit while they finished up. Roy sat back comfy on the couch, Charles jerked and sucked him. Charles played cameraman and Roy watched some porn on his phone while rubbing his sexy fuzzy tummy. Before long, he was ready to blow his long-awaited load that Charles had made him save up. As Charles jerked faster, Roy began to feel the build up aching inside his cock. Then he finally got his release, spilling a fantastic nut of white hot cum out of his piss slit. It ran down his cock head and over Charles' fist, pooling on Roy's dark pubes. God damn, that looked delicious! Nothing like a first person experience, and that's exactly what Charles gave when he grabbed the camera and showed you that creamy load up close.

I came back long enough to film Charles getting out his second seed of the two part scene. Roy wanted to receive his first facial and Charles was more than willing to be his first sperm donor. Roy crouched under Charles' balls and flicked his tongue against the shaft while Charles jacked off. He came hard. He came on Roy's eye, cheek, beard and tongue. Perfection. They shared a final cummy kiss and brought our Vegas adventure to an end.

Viva Las Fucking Vegas, baby!

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