Felix Martel

Felix Martel

Felix is a brooding and handsome bi guy whose girlfriend is really turned on by the idea of seeing him get fucked by other dudes on camera. We are more than happy to make that fantasy a reality. Felix has a sexy coat of fur on his chest and in his crotch.

Roy Gardner

Roy Gardner

Roy Gardner is giving every GuyBone guy a run for their money for the title of hottest model on the site! This bicurious dude drips sex appeal. From his beautiful brown eyes and pouty frown to his masculine beard and body hair to his toned tummy and tight ass to that big, hard, perfect cock.


Roy Tops Felix Raw

It's the black sock brigade! Roy and Felix both happened to wear black socks to the shoot so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to film the entire scene with them on. Feet are a favorite of mine, bare or socked, and there's something extra sexy and masculine about black socks. I know a lot of you love socks, too, so consider this a personal nod from me to you.

I had the guys chill on the bedroom floor together at the foot of the bed. Most porn is filmed on a bed. I didn't want to go there again for this one. Wanted something special for these two. They started kissing passionately, maybe even a little nervously. Roy's fat cock was stiff in seconds and Felix wasted no time getting it out of his jeans. He bent over and sucked it, only able to take it about circumcision scar deep. But that's alright, gave me extra shaft to see while he slobbed the top of Roy's knob.

Both guys got out of their shirts and pants and they switched oral positions so that Roy could taste Felix's growing dick. He was on his knees, looking up at his soon to be bottom with those big, beautiful brown eyes. He rubbed Felix's hardon across his beard (a move he learned from Ryan Fargo) and it worked like a charm. Moments later, Felix was straddling Roy's athletic legs, trying to fit the tip of that long dong into his tight asshole.

He got it. Barely. Must have been a while since Felix bottomed. That or Roy is just really very thick dicked. Both? After Felix got somewhat used to the rock hard rod in his back door, he leaned over the footboard and let Roy enter him standing doggie style. One of the things I love most about Roy is that he never gets in a rush about anything. Stoner speed, perhaps? Regardless, he takes his time in the best way possible, sliding that impressively straight as an arrow shaft in and out of his bottom. Gives me a fucking incredible view of the penetration, unlike guys who fuck too fast and it's all a blur. Roy knows how to put on a show and I'm first in line to wanna watch!

Four black socked feet, one insatiable bicurious top, and a delicious bubble butt that was getting more and more comfortable with the penetrating erection. Felix's breathing became more rapid, he was enjoying the ride. Roy kept screwing. Nothing was stopping this guy. They got back on the floor, this time in my favorite spoon position. Few can make it work because of height differences, dick sizes, tightness, etc. These two worked it out! Felix moaned praises about the size of Roy's boner. Roy returned the niceties by complimenting Felix's tight ass. This was when the guys hit their momentum, I feel. The chemistry really ignited and the scene was elevated to something spectacular. Just look at Felix's stiff dick. No hands needed, just the rhythmic thrusting of Roy's perfect cock to keep Felix hard.

Next, Roy got his costar flat on his back, legs reaching to heaven. He drilled into his warm, hairy hole with ease, his sexy fur covered tummy flexed and tight as he pumped. Felix jerked his hard dick furiously and then they moved into doggie. Roy stuffed his entire manhood balls deep inside Felix after lubing up again with SPUNK. The air escaped Felix's lungs as Roy's dick invaded his ass. Roy repeatedly stabbed Felix's prostate with his huge cock. That bareback banging must have felt fucking phenomenal for both of them because it wasn't long before they were both cumming.

Felix preferred to finish on his back so they got into that position once more. It was just a few humps from Roy's massive shaft before Felix was shooting off his man cannon. He sprayed cum onto Roy's dick that was still fucking him, his inner thigh, and his own fuzzy tummy. Roy didn't pull out, rather kept pounding Felix. Love a bottom who can continue getting nailed after he's already shot his load. Such commitment.

Roy ended up standing to finish, delivering a facial that made Felix's bearded mug look like a toaster strudel with white icing. Ribbons of fresh hot jizz painted his scruff and he looked like it wasn't enjoyable for a quick second. But that couldn't be possible, because any guy in his right mind loves hot cum straight from the tap all over his face. Right? Oh, wait, I keep forgetting that both Roy and Felix are bi guys. Maybe cum on the face isn't their favorite thing after all. Oh, well. It's my favorite thing and I definitely loved seeing Roy give it to Felix. You will, too. Black sock brigade for the win!

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