Knox is a short but scrappy model who has just the right amount of fuzz on his tight little body. He loves sniffing his own jock and stroking a blast of cum from his big, hard dick. From mischievous smile to bouncing balls, Knox is every bit the man you're looking for.

Roy Gardner

Roy Gardner

Roy Gardner is giving every GuyBone guy a run for their money for the title of hottest model on the site! This bicurious dude drips sex appeal. From his beautiful brown eyes and pouty frown to his masculine beard and body hair to his toned tummy and tight ass to that big, hard, perfect cock.


Roy Tops Knox Raw

Roy had just finished working out at the gym and decided to meet up with Knox at his hotel. He knew Knox had a big boner for him, so why not try a sure thing? As soon as Roy came in, Knox was on his feet, dashing across the room, kissing Roy and licking him all over.

Roy's dick was pressing against his basketball shorts, begging to be freed. Knox pulled it out from under one short leg and started sucking it. Roy's sweaty balls must have smelled all sorts of masculine sexy as Knox lapped them up. He sniffed his pits and loved those, too. Roy apologized for the musk but Knox didn't mind. To make him more comfortable, though, he suggested they hit the showers.

Knox's thick cock stood toward the ceiling and Roy dropped to his knees under the water to suck it. He could barely get more than the head and some shaft in his mouth. Gotta love a bicurious guy learning to suck dick. He was clearly doing a great job, regardless, because Knox fucking loved it. He suggested they carry on outside the shower and the couple headed to bed.

Knox was eager to get back to sucking Roy's tall, proud dick. He bent over the eight inch shaft and gagged as he deep throated it. Long spit trails strung from his lips to the tip of Roy's cock. Roy loved that his cock was impressive enough to gag Knox.

Knox slid on top of Roy and held their raging boners together in his hand. He slowly jerked them simultaneously while they kissed. Then he moved down Roy's toned, hairy body, his tongue finding heaven under Roy's freshly washed balls. He sucked, licked, and sniffed Roy's nuts and groin. He got about as close as Roy would let him to rimming that pristine, tight, virgin asshole. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some anal play someday, but for now, I think it's hot as fuck that Roy has uncharted territory down there.

Knox has a foot fetish. That may be what I love most about him because we have that in common. He rubbed Roy's sexy feet across his rock hard, throbbing cock and basically gave himself a foot job. It was mere moments before this turned him on so much, he flopped down on all fours and professed his desire for Roy to fuck him. Roy had been waiting for this invitation since he arrived from the gym. The two got comfy in one of my favorite positions, the spoon, that most models complain is too difficult to master. These two did it with ease and I got an excellent shot between their legs of Roy's fucking huge cock screwing Knox's hairy, hot hole bareback.

Roy fucked deep and rhythmic, offering a reach around for Knox's ridiculously hard dick. With his hand lubed with SPUNK from his own cock, Roy jerked his costar off as he pounded his hole. Knox begged for more. Deeper, harder. He told Roy how much he'd needed this. Woof!

They took a tiny break so Knox could suck Roy some more and sniff and taste his armpits. The hair on this guy, damn! Long, curly, dark, damp from the shower. So fucking hot. Knox loved it. I loved watching it. Despite the tickles, Roy was digging it, too. But the quick break was over and it was time to fuck doggie style.

Roy's perma-erection drove deep into Knox's welcoming hole and he soon after mounted Knox so that I could see the penetration from behind, his hefty balls tight. Knox was ready to bust after getting drilled like this, so he sat on Roy's dick and jerked with a fury. He shot so much cum across Roy's chest and neck, I thought it'd never end. So fucking hot! Then he kissed Roy and thanked him. So sweet. So sexy.

Roy scooted to the edge of the bed for his cumshot, legs draped down to the floor. Knox was on his knees, licking those hairy nuts of Roy's again. Roy fucking loved the feel of Knox's beard against his boys. He stroked his stiff cock and I thoroughly enjoyed knowing this is what Roy looked like in his bedroom, home alone, beating off. The diamond shaped happy trail patch of fur surrounding his tight tummy was intoxicatingly arrousing. Waiting to see hot cum shoot from his dick onto that carpet was exciting to say the least. Knox buried his tongue under Roy's ballsack and licked until he helped Roy reach climax. Roy shot a thick glob of cum onto his stomach and Knox hurried up to enjoy some of it, fresh from the faucet. He licked the salty substance and ended up with some on his nose. He gave Roy a final kiss and the glob stuck to Roy's cheek. Not sure that's what he planned on when he came over from the gym, but cum on his face or not, Roy definitely enjoyed plowing Knox's raw ass as much as you'll love watching it!

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