Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks

Jacob hails from Texas, where what they say is true, everything is bigger. He's skinny, has adorable ears, and perfectly coifed hair. He's also packing one of the biggest cocks to ever grace GuyBone.



Ruckus is a studio guy who is just as much fun as his name suggests. He's gritty, masculine, and bi. He's got grease under his nails from working on his motorcycle and is literally covered in hot tattoos and piercings.


Ruckus Tops Jacob

Always scouting for new and exciting production locations, I was stumped when we booked Ruckus to fuck Jacob Banks. I'd filmed him outside, in the garage, at the bar, but couldn't bring myself to film him in a bed. Too boring for this tatted and pierced stud. Then it hit me. Put them in the closet. It's just big enough for one person to stand it, turn around, select wardrobe, but the two guys were up for the challenge of both fitting in there to fuck. And so, an awesome new location was discovered.

Ruckus and Jacob started shirtless, standing in the small space. They made out passionately, getting each others cocks very hard inside their gym shorts and sweat pants. Jacob was first to slide his tongue down Ruckus' body and pull that sweet piece of meat out for some sucking. Ruckus' beautiful boner slid in and out of Jacob's hungry mouth with ease. Jacob had been lusting over Ruckus for some time and couldn't believe he got to film with him. The two had a slick chemistry that only built as the scene progressed.

Ruckus enjoyed his blowjob and then did his best to swallow Jacob's enormous cock. What a delightful challenge it was to suck something so big. I could tell when he had half of it in his mouth that he was more than happy to be the top in this scene. That's an ass-splitter for sure. And speaking of ass-splitting, the butt cheek spreading, hairy asshole licking in this scene was phenomenal. Ruckus hoisted Jacob up onto the closet shelf and rimmed his tight little ass to perfection. Jacob moaned as Ruckus' tongue flicked back and forth across the entrance to his hole and squirmed on top of the hangers as Ruckus buried his face in that cute butt. This scene definitely wins most interesting position for rimming on the site.

Having not a ton of room to maneuver, the guys did their best to fuck comfortably in the closet. Ruckus laid on his back and let Jacob ride his stiff dick. I loved watching his balls bounce and seeing his grubby paws pulling Jacob's ass cheeks apart so he could thrust deeper inside him. Ruckus is a fucking hot man who knows how to deliver a satisfying screw. This marks Jacob's first bottoming scene for us. It was a treat seeing him take a boner up his butt. Completely versatile, Jacob is a real turn on to watch in action.

Ruckus flipped him over into doggie style and rammed his ass hard from behind. Great view of all of Ruckus' tats and he manages to give Jacob a reach around. So sexy! Jacob wanted to ride the cock again so he sat facing me on the shaft, Ruckus stroking his gigantic hardon for him the entire time. Throwing in a nipple lick here and there really made Jacob's dick throb and stiffen even more.

Then it was time to cum, and cum buckets they did. Jerking themselves off, Ruckus straddling Jacob, Ruckus was first to reach climax. He shot a few spurts and then Jacob joined him in ecstasy, pumping out his own huge blasts of nut. They both continued to cum together, which was so unbelievably hot in my book, until they'd drained their balls of seed and collapsed to kiss each other before the fadeout. Great pairing, great first bottom scene for Jacob, great mutual ejaculations, and great location! You can't help but love (and get off to) this scene! Don't forget your SPUNK Lube!

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