Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.



Ruckus is a studio guy who is just as much fun as his name suggests. He's gritty, masculine, and bi. He's got grease under his nails from working on his motorcycle and is literally covered in hot tattoos and piercings.


Ruckus Tops Lance

I know, we don't have gimmicks or acting on GuyBone. But play along with us for this one. Grease monkey Ruckus gets to the garage to work on his motorcycle but finds helpless Lance tied and taped. He calls his boss to find out Lance is the job and his dick is the tool. That's as far as we go with "plot" - now, I give you a fucking hot action scene with a sexy, gritty setting and two extremely horny guys.

The jumpsuit Ruckus was wearing got my dick a twitching. The moment Lance's handcuffed hands unzipped it to reveal he was going commando underneath, my dick stood up tall and stiff. As did Lance's. Wearing only a canvas of tattoos, Ruckus removed the tape from Lance's lips and let him suck his sweet, swollen cock. Then they 69'd, because let's be honest, if you found a hot, fuzzy captive in your garage, you'd want to suck his dick, too.

I think what I loved most about this scene was that Ruckus never removed the restraints from Lance. He kept his boy in bondage the entire session. And Lance didn't seem to mind because he was getting fucked by Ruckus. Yeah, I'd feel the same way. Fuck me harder, handyman. With Lance in a jock and sport socks to his knees and Ruckus wearing his coveralls tied around his waist, I was definitely digging the "costumes" in this scene as well.

Whether he was fucking him on the dirty floor or bent over the motorcycle, Ruckus was sticking it to Lance like the Pro Dom he is. I nearly blew my load watching Ruckus' ink-knuckled fist tighten around Lance's jockstrap waistband, pulling it up like the reins on a horse. Then he released and gave Lance's ass a sexy snap and it was all Lance and I could do from screaming with excitement.

Ruckus fucked Lance in the closed yawn position to finish his bottom boy off. As predicted, and anticipated, Lance blew a big ole messy load of cum from his rock hard cock. With the help of gravity and the position they were in, as well as SPUNK Lube, it fell all over his fuzzy tummy and trickled toward his nipples. Satisfaction guaranteed. But Lance was perhaps outdone by his captor, as Ruckus jizzed a hot, plentiful nut all over his face. It splooged down Lance's bearded cheek in a stringy, sexy strand and dripped to the floor.

If you can forgive us for wanting to play around a little with plot and acting and costumes, I think this scene is really gonna get you off. Because at the end of the day, who hasn't had a fuckin filthy garage fantasy like this?

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