Rheo Stone

Rheo Stone

It doesn't get much better than Rheo Stone. A sexy hipster with a deep voice and masculine demeanor, a sculpted torso, tight little ass, and one of the biggest, hottest curved cocks on GuyBone. His smile will give you insta-wood and seeing him use his tool like a pro will push you over the finish line.



Ruckus is a studio guy who is just as much fun as his name suggests. He's gritty, masculine, and bi. He's got grease under his nails from working on his motorcycle and is literally covered in hot tattoos and piercings.


Ruckus Tops Rheo

First, let me preface this scene with the following disclaimer: Rheo Stone is very much versatile. He was concerned viewers might think he's more bottom because two scenes of him bottoming came out back to back. I assured him, not the case. I just couldn't wait any longer to share this amazing scene with you all. So… you have my word… Rheo Stone is as versatile as they come! And it was such a fucking hot scene, we ended up with 20 extra minutes of footage, giving you more fuck for your buck! First time ever having a 40 minute action scene! HOT MILESTONE!

We headed back to Renegades Bar, where we host our monthly men only underwear party, Trousers Down. It served as a great location for Jameson and Scotland, so why not introduce you to Ruckus in a fun, public, sexy setting? Never before have I got this close to fulfilling my fantasy of watching brothers fuck. Ruckus is a few years older than Rheo, they kinda look alike, and they are almost before and after versions of each other. Rheo has one tattoo that he hopes will multiply in time to the large collection of ink on Ruckus' body. They fit together so perfect on camera, I was hard from the get go.

Making out from the word action, their kissing was some of the hottest I've seen. And I love it when masculine guys like these two grab and hold each others' faces in order to kiss deeper. So hot. Shirts came off, junk got felt up and hardened through pants, and before I knew it, Ruckus was strapping Rheo to St. Andrew's Cross and running his tongue from armpit to happy trail. Then, Rheo's enormous fat cock was out and in Ruckus' wet mouth. I gotta give it up to Rheo. It takes a lot of trust and guts to let go of control and be tied up. He loved every second of it.

After he was set free, Rheo took a seat at the bar and ordered a tall, stiff drink of Ruckus' dick. Watching Rheo lick Ruckus' boxer briefs peeking out from his camo pants drove me wild. Watching Ruckus' boner jump inside those boxer briefs was even hotter. Then, out plopped his handsome cock with the incredible shroom head and Rheo swallowed it… literally. Deepthroating needs a new word because Rheo choked down that dick even further, a nice long spit string from his lips to that amazing shroom head when he came up for air. And Ruckus' perfect, loose, low hanging balls dangling over the elastic of his boxer briefs begged to be sucked. So Rheo did. Quite sexily.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think it's a little odd (but always hot) when the bottom wants to rim the top. But Rheo loves to eat ass, so I let him at it. And Ruckus didn't mind, lying on the bar top, rolling his head back and moaning in delight. He followed suit and ate Rheo's tight hole before fingering and eventually fucking him. He bent Rheo over the butcher's table and fucked hard and fast. Slapping his cute little bubble butt cheek, I couldn't notice how hot Ruckus' masculine, tan, dirty hand (from working on his motorcycle) was on Rheo's pale ass. Totally complimentary.

Next came the booth, where Ruckus fucked Rheo doggie style, kind of hovering between the two benches. Somehow these flexible guys managed to make out while humping in mid air. Ruckus looked more brut than ever, topping his younger brother wannabe. Rheo grunted in pleasure, his big dick swinging with the thrusting.

One more session on St. Andrew's Cross found Rheo sitting on a bar stool for support, taking Ruckus' stiff dick up his ass while his fists clenched, no doubt desiring to touch his ridiculously sexy costar. Ruckus took care of the touching, jerking and teasing his partner's big boner as Rheo bounced up and down on Ruckus' own SPUNK covered erection. Finishing up on the GoGo box, Rheo blasted a big load onto his stomach and Ruckus stroked out a hot load on top of Rheo's existing mess. Seeing Rheo's happy trail doused in both guys cum got me hard all over again and as they finished the scene with a final, hot kiss, I knew it didn't matter who was top, bottom, or vers… or whether we filmed in a bed or bar… when it came to Ruckus and Rheo, it would be a perfect fuck every time.

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