Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you.

Shane Rook

Shane Rook

Shane is our sexy new slender man. He's tall, skinny, hung, and ready for anything. Armed with a bushy beard that would make any lumberjack envious and a cumshot that will take your eye out if not careful, he's bringing his A game to GuyBone.


Ryan and Shane Flip Raw

First off, let me apologize for holding onto this scene for so damn long. It's the nature of the beast when you film a ton of content with one particular model, case in point, Ryan Powers. He showed up last year and we just went bananas for this furry fucker. We shot so many scenes with him, we had to distribute the content evenly. That meant, depending on his costar and how recently they'd had another scene release, some of his stuff could sit on the shelf for a bit. And here we are. Ryan and Shane Flip Raw. Woof. These two had a dynamic chemistry. Tatted, pierced and bearded otters having a hot bareback flip fuck session. What could be better?! And definitely worth the wait!!

They started off kicked back and barefoot on the bed. Their hands roamed. Their lips smacked. Their dicks throbbed inside their jeans. Shirts were removed to reveal even more sexy tats and piercings and furry chests. Ryan undid his fly so Shane could sneak a peek of his bulging undies. He nibbled on Ryan's growing rod through the fabric, wetting and exciting it even more. He released it and slurped it down his throat. Ryan's face said it all, Shane's mouth felt fucking amazing.

He gently massaged his neck as he fed him his steely, veiny shaft. Shane admired his thickness and teased the head of his cock against his beard before gulping it balls deep. He unzipped his own pants and pulled his prick out. He, too, was raging hard and impressively hung. These two were so similar in so many mouthwatering ways.

Their mouths met again before Ryan inched his way down Shane's thin frame and took his boner between his ruby red lips. He spit on his cock and sucked the fuck out of it before moving back to Shane's mouth with his own hardon, stuffing it down his throat while on his knees. The view from behind his hairy ass was spectacular as he humped Shane's scruffy mug.

Shane ate his dick like a pro and stroked his own massive erection. Ryan moved into a nice rimming position and ate Shane's fuzzy asshole like Sunday brunch. His tongue penetrated the tight pucker and Shane looked like he was in a heavenly coma. Must have felt absolutely divine. Ryan's boner bounced around beneath his squatted thighs as he darted in and out of Shane's hole with his mouth. Shane got on his knees so Ryan could eat him out better and then really started moaning and expressing his enjoyment. Ryan fed into that response and got louder and wetter with his rimming. He fucked his ass with his wide tongue, giving Shane a preview of what was to come with his cock.

Ryan's cock glistened with SPUNK Lube as he slid his gargantuan girth inside Shane's tight back door. They eased it in, but decided Shane sitting on it might work better to begin. This new position was a win for them and for the camera, as it showed Ryan's fat cock working Shane's eager hole in an even hotter light. Shane rode that cock well, getting aggressive and attentive. They took turns in the driver's seat. Ryan laid Shane on his back and entered him fully. He drove his delicious dick deep inside his costar and screwed him senseless.

The raw fun continued as the guys flip flopped roles and Shane took over as top. He worked his meaty cock into Ryan's hairy hole inch by inch, making his costar whimper with anticipation. His tight torso clenched as he began pumping back and forth, giving Ryan everything he had. When Shane's happy trail met with Ryan's hairy ass crack, I was in bliss. These two were so hot together!

Shane continued nailing Ryan and Ryan loved every goddamned second of it. He bellowed his satisfaction which only aided Shane's rapid arrival at ecstasy. He pulled out and painted his load across Ryan's nuts and taint, then he put himself back inside to rest. When it was Ryan's turn to cum, he shot his seed across Shane's furry butt cheek and curly ass hair. He slapped his rock solid cock against Shane's hole and signified the end of a fantastic scene that was long overdue for your viewing pleasure.

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