Alex Hawk

Alex Hawk

One of the sexiest bespectacled boys I've ever had the pleasure of seeing naked, Alex Hawk has that bookworm next door vibe down. Just as hot in and out of glasses as he is clothes, this hairy hottie is homework you won't mind having. He's toned as hell, hung with a perfect 7 inch cut cock, and comes complete with a furry asshole you'll wanna nibble (then fuck) for days.

Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you.


Ryan Tops Alex Raw

Talk about steamy! Alex and Ryan got their bareback scene started in the shower, dicks already stiffening, lips smacking, the temperature rising in more ways than one. The hot water cascaded down their tight, toned, hairy torsos, dripping sexily from the tips of their dicks. Ryan stacked their dicks together and stroked them simultaneously but it was Alex who was first to drop to his knees and start sucking.

He took Ryan's fat cock in his mouth and tasted it seductively. He wet the shaft with his saliva and played with the erection intently. He teased it. He caressed it. He made it even harder than it already was. Then he stood up and let Ryan taste his own cock on his tongue.

Ryan bent down and took his turn orally. He didn't tease, he fucking engulfed. Alex's super stiff dick was balls deep in Ryan's throat in seconds. The two otters were raging hard for each other. And the slobber jobs were just the beginning of everything sexy to come.

Ryan turned Alex around and buried his face between his bottom's cheeks. Alex hugged the shower wall as his hole got rimmed nice and deep by the talented top. Then it was time for a pee break. Since we were in the shower, why not take advantage of the ability to film it? Ryan pissed first, his aching hardon streaming golden, hot urine onto the glass door. He made his cock jump and jettisoned the last bit of piss out. Then Alex released his crystal geyser. It hit the door as well and they played with each other's dicks to milk out every last drop.

Once the pee was out, they were ready to fuck. Alex assumed the position, his ass pushed back toward Ryan, whose boner could barely wait to bury itself in his backdoor. He lubed up with SPUNK, which stays nice and slick even in the shower, and slid his massive tool inside his costar. Alex was ready. He moaned and opened himself for Ryan. Their wet fur plastered to their skin as their bodies became one.

Ryan was in. He quickly began pumping, thrusting his big dick into Alex's tight, but inviting ass. The steam began to fog up the lens, the shower door, the mirror, the entire room. But was it steam from the shower or the two studs raw fucking inside it? At one point, Alex realized he had more pee to release as he let go on the tile floor and exclaimed “fuck the piss outta me!” His firm ass barely moved as Ryan fucked it, proving Alex never skips a gym day.

Alex reached down and touched the floor, giving himself to Ryan in a standing doggie position. Ryan drilled his hole accordingly, making him whimper and beg for more. Alex's dick did the helicopter as Ryan plowed his ass hard and fast. The undershot of this was fantastic, seeing Ryan's slick, thick shaft pounding into Alex.

Once the boys had “washed off” their sins, they decided to commit all new ones over on the countertop. Ryan fucked Alex hard, so hard I thought he might split him in two. Their hairy bodies were driving me crazy, so fucking sexy and natural. Ryan's uncovered cock slid into Alex with ease and the bottom was beside himself in ecstasy.

They moved to the floor for some more doggystyle. Fuck, Ryan was giving it to Alex like there was no other option. Alex cried in pleasure and Ryan fucked faster and more fierce than ever. His tatted arms gripped Alex's hot little waist and he rocketed his cock into him. I'm sure the tile floor wasn't comfortable, but they were so lost in their hot sex, they didn't notice. I know this, because Ryan came in this position. He pulled out and painted Alex's ass cheek with his semen. He rubbed his cum-covered cock across his hairy crack, but Alex wasn't going to let him be finished fucking.

Alex mounted Ryan, riding him cowboy style. The virile top didn't need to rest and recharge, his dick was more than happy for round two of being neatly tucked inside Alex's ass. He gave the bottom what he needed, more deep dicking, to get him to his climax. And wouldn't you know it, right as Alex was about to shoot his load, the timer went out on the bathroom light. I scrambled to turn it back on in time, and succeeded, just as Alex came all over Ryan's sweat-soaked stomach. They kissed loudly and wetly, then ended with a “good boy.” These two made wonderful use of a small bathroom space and I couldn't be happier with their steamy performance. I think you'll feel the same.

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