Grady Barnett

Grady Barnett

Innocently adorable, Grady is one helluva sexy cub next door. He's got a Clark Kent thing going on when he wears glasses. And he's armed with one of the cutest, most kissable scruffy mugs you've ever seen.

Ryan Fargo

Ryan Fargo

Ryan is one of the fuzziest, most adorable models on GuyBone. Covered in dark, soft hair, Ryan's toned little body is absolute perfection. We melt for that shaggy, surfer hair and scruffy beard.


Ryan Tops Grady

Welcome back Fargo! Everyone's favorite furry little fucker returns for a few more rolls in the hay. He just can't help himself around cubs, they're his weakness, so naturally I had to cast him with new beefy cubcake Grady. And from there, they did the rest.

I've never met another model with quite the sex drive of Ryan Fargo. He's got the stamina of a horny teenager and the libido of an All-American gigolo. He's fucking on fire, in other words. He could film seven scenes a day if you wanted him to. And just because the cameras stop rolling, doesn't mean his dick stops throbbing. He's hard at the drop of a hat and ready to fuck. Grady was more than willing to have his first costar be GuyBone's most popular guy.

The guys started off with some sexy making out and nipple play, which swiftly led to disrobing and stiffening of dicks. I got all nostalgic watching Grady squeeze Ryan's hard rod inside his boxer briefs, remembering his first visit to our set and the magic he made. But something was new this time. When Ryan's cock flopped out, it was shiny. Since we last saw the boy wonder, he had his dick pierced. I'm not always a fan of PA's, but some guys just wear them really well. And Fargo is one of those guys. Then again, I'm not sure he could do anything UN-sexy. It's not in his DNA.

Lots of oral fun, rock hard cocks getting sucked and spit on. Balls being licked and played with. Some great 69 action. And then on to the screwing. Fucking fantastic! Ryan has an incredibly sexy shaft, long and sleek, perfect for gliding into your ass. He entered Grady's warm and tight hole and both guys whimpered a sigh of pleasure. Then there was no stopping the SPUNK covered fuck fest. Fargo railed Grady's beautiful, bouncing butt in a handful of positions, always making sure his bottom was hard and enjoying the fuck as much as he was. What a pleaser. Pay no attention to the screams of terror coming from the other side of the bedroom wall. Axel Flint and Quinn Kartr were playing a scary video game while we filmed and they couldn't contain their shrieks. Regardless of the interruptions, Fargo was a total professional top who kept on fuckin.

I won't say Grady is a power bottom, but he's most certainly a great bottom. His first scene was a pleasure to film, and I'm just as happy as he is that Ryan was his first costar. It takes a special scene partner to break the ice with, and Fargo is a pro if there ever was one. When it was time to cum, Grady's big thick dick spurted out a nice thick load and Fargo positioned himself over top of Grady to give him a facial. When he nut, it fell straight into Grady's open mouth and then a couple drips landed on his lips. Grady licked the oozing tip of Ryan's dick clean of cum and swallowed the entire load. Must have tasted fantastic because I didn't hear anyone complaining.

You gotta realize, if Ryan is totally into cubs, he's gonna give his all when filming with one. Grady is an adorable, solid and sexy stud. And Fargo took that to the bank. You will, too. The spank bank.

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