Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you.



Hairy, horny and hot in that daddy gym coach way, Thomas is a Russian amateur guy next door who gets really turned on by the idea of being filmed. I'm more than happy to be his first director. His shaved head and bearded mug are as masculine as his eyes are sweet and sensitive.


Ryan Tops Thomas Raw

Damn! What a couple of hot firsts! Russian daddy stud Thomas had previously shot his solo audition, but this marked his debut fuck scene. And Ryan Powers was totally new to GuyBone and making every head turn with his ridiculously sexy everything. The cute face with the puppy dog eyes, the furry otter body inked in tattoos, the giant cut cock begging to be blown. Thomas wasted no time getting his young costar nude and rock hard. That big, delicious boner slid down his throat like it was meant to be there. They had such hot fun together, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Thomas was just as hairy with an incredibly hot dad bod build. And his shaved head looked sexy as hell with Ryan's hands on it, encouraging him to continue sucking. Ryan was horny to eat that hole, though, so he got Thomas on all fours and spit and licked that ass proper. He wet his thumb and slid it in, loosening his hot older costar's hole a little more for the big dick fucking he was about to deliver.

Ryan lubed up his cock with SPUNK and gently nudged it into Thomas' butt condom free. Daddy reached back and caressed his boy's bountiful nuts as his asshole was stretched by that hefty shaft. Hearing them both moan softly was such a turn on and seeing them together was like walking into an after practice fuck session with coach and player.

Ryan picked up the pace and started really giving it to Thomas in doggie style. His big feet were my everything. I love sexy feet and Ryan has some! The skin slapping sounds they made as their bodies slammed together were porn perfect. Soon, Thomas flipped to his side and Ryan entered him fully so that they could kiss while screwing bareback. Fuck, his dick was so hard and huge! He railed Thomas' daddy hole and made that Russian stud moan and whimper for more. I was in heaven seeing so much body hair getting damp with sex sweat.

Ryan was a relentless top, knowing what his partner needed and giving it to him non stop. His dick drove into Thomas' ass hard and fast and suddenly he was close and I didn't stop him from shooting his load. He painted Thomas' tight ballsack and then shoved his dripping cock back inside that warm, wet hole. I didn't mind he'd cum so early because he'd clued me in on a secret talent of his. He's able to cum and continue fucking and will most likely cum again. So, I trusted the youngster, and he didn't disappoint.

Taking a tiny intermission, Ryan rolled Thomas' legs and ass up so he could eat the cum he'd just deposited out of his daddy's hole. Normally a tad too kinky for me, I was totally open to and enjoying this spectacle. Ryan made it look really fucking hot, licking and sucking his load from Thomas' used ass. Before I knew it, the intermission was over and he was back inside the masculine bottom, fucking him in a super sexy downward angle position. It bent his big, already curved cock in a wonderful way that separated his nuts around his shaft and showcased all of his junk just right.

Thomas was begging for more and Ryan was giving it without hesitation. These two were hot together. Not a lot of spoken words, other than the occasional "fuck" and moans, but it was evident they were into it and thoroughly enjoying it. Sometimes a language barrier hinders, but in this case, Thomas didn't need to speak very much English to convey what he wanted and how much of it he craved.

After eating his hole again after a round of fucking, Ryan laid back and let Thomas devour that cummy, ass juice covered cock on a second intermission. If I were Thomas, I would have been torn too, do I suck it or sit on it? Both! After he got it nice and wet, he took a seat on that flagpole of a cock and rode it like a pro. They kissed sexily, lips smacking and tongues twirling, as Ryan stuck his raw dick up inside Thomas repeatedly. The froth began to foam up and drip from Thomas' ass, trickling down Ryan's shaft. The extra wetness must have felt fucking amazing, because as promised, he came a second time. Thomas stood up just in time to see a few droplets shoot from Ryan's piss slit and then he took a seat again, enjoying being bred once more.

It was Thomas' turn to get off. Much like I would do in his situation, he got on his back and jerked furiously while gulping down Ryan's still stiff cock. Sucking on that boner, feeling and tasting it in my mouth, would have driven me over the edge, and it did for Thomas, too. He shot a nice load all over his hairy belly and was utterly satisfied. These two proved you don't have to speak the same language to understand each other's bodies in bed.

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