Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you.



Dark hair, perfect dick, fucking adorable smile, hypnotic blue bedroom eyes. West was a busy boy, but worth the wait. When we finally got him on GuyBone, there was no going back.


Ryan Tops West Raw

We absolutely love Ryan Powers! He always brings his A game. And does he know how to pick perfect costars or what? Delighted and boned up from each of his choices, we were not only ecstatic that he'd chosen West to film a bareback scene with, but elated that it would be West's first time bottoming on camera! Score! Big score! West is a beefy muscle pup covered in dark, curly hair and tattoos and up to this point had only showed us his topping skills, which were magnificent. But we admit, we were curious to see what he'd look like with a big, hard dick like Ryan's up his tight asshole. We got everything we could have asked for with these two, including an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

They wasted no time stripping each other out of their clothes. And once both boners were free of their fabric restraints, Ryan dove down on West's raging hardon. The sound of his wet mouth sucking that stiff dick was divine. He worked West's shaft over, making the playful pup moan and bellow his approval. He returned the favor by going down on Ryan, deepthroating his dashing costar and tugging gently on his big ball sack.

The veins in Ryan's tall, thick cock looked ready to burst, they were so full of blood and throbbing. West gobbled his cock like a hungry pup who'd just found his favorite bone. Then Ryan turned West around and had a meal of his own, West's deliciously furry and bubbled butt. His ass cheeks are juicy and meaty and perfect for burying your face in. Ryan pulled West's aching erection back while he ate, making it all that much harder. He spit in his ass and devoured his hole. West growled playfully and it was clear these two guys were thoroughly enjoying each other's company.

Ryan couldn't get his fill of eating West's tight hole. He lapped sexily with his wide, wet tongue, driving West wild. He made love to his hole with his tongue and I was throbbing as much as the two of them. It was evident everyone was ready for the main attraction, the spotlight event, West's first on camera bottoming.

He decided to sit on Ryan's rod first to ease the behemoth in. He pulled his furry butt cheeks apart so Ryan could slide in easily. Lubed with SPUNK, Ryan did just that. He inched his way inside that warm hole and then flexed, and then fucked. Their bodies fit together perfectly and it was everything I'd wanted to see, West taking a hot raw cock up his ass. He took it like a champ, too. Only moaning in satisfaction, never complaining. He was loving it. Ryan was loving it. The camera was loving it.

I loved seeing their hairy bodies, covered in tats, dicks rock hard, working to satisfy each other physically. Ryan got West into doggie style so he could take charge of the screw. He worked his big tool in and out of West's accommodating ass while he held onto his shoulders for balance. West's tantalizing butt cheeks bounced and wiggled with each thrust from Ryan's hips. I loved seeing them jiggle. Grr!

Next they wanted it up against the window so they could watch the bustling city down below while they had some of the best sex of their on camera careers. West was opened and accepting that fat cock easily now, totally relaxed and enjoying the slamming Ryan was serving him. Ryan was harder than ever, turned on by every little sound their sex made. I watched the action from underneath, loving the slippery penetration overhead. West's own hard dick flopped around his lap as he got hit from behind by Ryan's massive hammer. His dick slapped against his thighs and occasionally Ryan would give him a reach around. So hot!

For their next position they spooned, which always sends me into a frenzy. Such a hot shot of Ryan burying his big, bare bone inside West's hairy asshole. They kissed, their bearded faces scruffy against one another. Ryan pumped his cock in and out of West hurriedly, working himself closer and closer to orgasm. West's athletic leg was skyward, his sexy foot swinging in the air as Ryan plowed his hole. Ryan jumped to his knees and went at it hard, destroying West's ass with his powerful cock.

They ended the scene how they began it, with West riding Ryan's wooden stallion. It didn't take West long at all to cum while feeling that massive piece of meat pounding against his prostate. Ryan kept fucking after West exploded and then he met him in ecstasy. He pulled out just long enough to show me he was shooting his load, then he buried his hot cock back inside West's warm ass to finish breeding him. Bound together forever in the porn clouds in the sky, Ryan and West had created one helluva hot interaction for you to behold. Props to West for an awesome first bottom on camera and to Ryan, as always, for being the spectacular performer he is. Kudos, boys, that was superb sex!

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