Rob Benson

Rob Benson

Rob is the quintessential grungy hipster from the big city. Shaggy, messy hair blowing in the breeze. A smart jacket buttoned up over that great chest which has just enough dark hair around nipples and belly button.

Sam Bridle

Sam Bridle

Skinny, sexy Sam Bridle is everything you've been searching for. He's adorable and incredibly attractive, hung like a fucking horse, and loves to have sex. Such a big, dominant personality wrapped in a tiny-framed package.


Sam Tops Rob Raw

Welcome to summer, boys! Sam Bridle and Rob Benson break out the bathing suits and get sexy by the pool. They had so much hot chemistry, we ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Wasting no time plopping that plump sausage out of his swim shorts, Sam gifts Rob his enormous, already hard cock. Rob thanks him by swallowing it and sucking ferociously. Fuck, does Rob know how to work a dick or what? Sam moans and kicks back on the deck chair to get one helluva hot slob job. Spit dripping down his big balls, Sam's boner disappears down Rob's eager throat.

Balls deep is quite the achievement when sucking Sam's behemoth dong. About as much spit gets swapped between their two sexy mouths as they tongue fuck each other, rubbing stiff dicks together.

Hot, horny and hung, Sam's thick shaft can't stop growing. His thin, tatted body was turning Rob (and me) on immensely. And those whimpers of lust escaping his lungs were music to our ears. Rob's shaggy mop danced across Sam's tight tummy as he gulped his rod. Then he asked, "do you just wanna flip me over and rim me?" To which Sam replied, smirkily, "gladly." Fuck, did he! Rob draped over the foot of the deck chair, Sam spreading his cute fuzzy butt cheeks, and diving in. He squeezed his ass in his palm, tongued and spit into his delicious hole.

They got into a steamy 69 position, Rob on top of Sam, and sucked and rimmed simultaneously. The amount of spit flooding over Sam's cock from Rob's mouth was enough to get me wet. Sam had his face literally buried between Rob's fit ass cheeks, coming up only for air and the occasional bite on the butt.

These two were more than ready to fuck, so Rob sat on Sam's boner and slid down, taking all of its inches inside him. He moaned in satisfaction once, when it went all the way in, then immediately started bucking and bouncing on it. Fuck, he was ready! So hungry for that dick! Can't blame him, Sam's cock is beautiful!

The off camera buds opted to fuck bareback to feel each other skin to skin. And fuck, did it make the scene so much hotter! Watching Sam's stiff uncut cock sliding hurriedly in and out of Rob's welcoming hole was almost too much for my own dick to behold.

Flipping into doggie, Rob pushed up his ass for Sam to pound from behind. I couldn't tell who was fucking who for a moment, they were both controlling the rhythm so well. Next, Sam pushed Rob up against the fence and drilled him standing up. He'd slipped a cock ring on and it made his dick even more firm, if that was possible. They really seemed to love fucking in this position, Rob crying out louder than ever, Sam occasionally pulling out to smack his fat dick on those juicy butt cheeks.

Nice and wet with SPUNK, Sam's hardon plowed Rob's hairy hole. He put him on his side on a beach towel and spooned in behind him, fucking hard and deep. As he grew closer to exploding, Sam pulled out and got into place, stroking his stiff cock until he came all over Rob's balls, dick, stomach, chest, neck. You name it, he jizzed on it. What a cumshot! Then he wanted to put it back in, so he did, fucking Rob a little longer in missionary.

Then it was Rob's turn to shoot his load. The power bottom of the scene got his hairy nipples licked and kissed while he jerked his dick. He busted quick, thanks, I'm sure, to that magic tongue of Sam's. Another impressive nut. Rob blasted his batter on Sam's nose and upper lip and on his own six pack abs. Sam must have been thirsty, he bent and licked up the cum on Rob's tummy, giving his costar a final salty kiss, then diving in the pool for a victory swim.

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