Holt Brogan

Holt Brogan

One of my new favorites and sure to be one of yours, Holt Brogan definitely puts the "bro" in his last name. He's a masculine, chiseled, piece of perfection. When he's not sucking dick and screwing, I totally picture him chillin' with his boys, kickin' back with some beers and bud.

Scotland Grey

Scotland Grey

Scotland's tight, toned body is covered in a light coat of fur and his handsome, hefty dick gets rock hard really easily. His ass is perfection, as are his bad boy tats and angel smile. And when he cums, you'd better have your umbrella handy.


Scotland Tops Holt

What a great, hot fuck! Scotland and Holt show us how it's done, position after steamy position.

This was Holt's second scene, on his first day of filming no less. He'd already been fucked by buddy Axel Flint. Now Axel stepped behind the camera and helped direct this incredibly intense screw. I'm all for another set of eyes setting up the scene, especially when they belong to one of our best guys. Axel knows what to do on camera, so it was easy for him to coach Scotland and Holt, both of whom he'd already had sex with himself. It was really hot listening to him tell them positions he wanted to see them in.

Scotland and Holt were very easy to direct. So easy, I probably could have just set the camera down and let them go at it and it would have been just as hot. They started off making out and dry humping on the bed. Clothes came off but tight white undies stayed on until dicks were rock hard and bulging through the cotton. Once dicks were set loose, there was no stopping the suck fest. Holt laid on his back and let Scotland face fuck him, balls slamming his face, cock banging his Adam's Apple. Scotland sat on the edge of the bed and deep throated Holt's massively stiff cock, almost gagging on it a couple times. The cock ring Holt wore got the job done. The veins in his dick looked ready to pop and Scotland's tongue running over them as he swallowed every inch of Holt's boner was a sight to be seen.

After the oral (including some dick-stiffening 69ing), Scotland dove into Holt's ass, face first. Holt pressed up against the head board, smiling and looking back in ecstasy, shoved his perfect butt into Scotland's scruffy face. Scotland's tongue worked overtime, licking and lapping that sweet hole. Once he was plenty wet, Scotland took Holt like a man and thrust his raging cock deep inside his ass. I'm usually an oral guy, I love watching dick sucking more than fucking. But these two brought the real show during anal. Scotland's immensely erect cock driving in and out of Holt's delicious butt cheeks, both of them moaning and writhing with joy, this was amazing.

Scotland let Holt ride his SPUNK covered cock on the edge of the bed. He drilled it down deep inside Holt while having him bent in half. He plowed him from the side, squeezing his cute little ass cheek while he pumped. Holt buried his face in the pillow, clenching it in his fist as Scotland fucked him hard. Every position they switched to was somehow hotter than the previous. They were on fire.

Holt sat on Scotland's dick and rode it to completion, grabbing his costars head and pulling it close as he came a hot load all over his face. Scotland took Holt's cummy cock in his mouth and tasted the sweet, salty jizz. Then Scotland rolled Holt over, jerked furiously, and shot his own big load all over Holt's face. Holt tasted Scotland's cum as well, licking and kissing his piss slit clean.

Congrats to Axel Flint for co-directing one helluva hot scene. Congrats to Scotland for continuing to impress no matter the position. And congrats to Holt for having two fantastic fuck scenes on the same day. With winners like these on my team, I can't lose. I also can't get rid of my permanent boner.

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