Knox is a short but scrappy model who has just the right amount of fuzz on his tight little body. He loves sniffing his own jock and stroking a blast of cum from his big, hard dick. From mischievous smile to bouncing balls, Knox is every bit the man you're looking for.

Scotland Grey

Scotland Grey

Scotland's tight, toned body is covered in a light coat of fur and his handsome, hefty dick gets rock hard really easily. His ass is perfection, as are his bad boy tats and angel smile. And when he cums, you'd better have your umbrella handy.


Scotland Tops Knox

As a redhead, I've always enjoyed brunette guys because they're pretty much the opposite of me. Their hair is dark brown and it shows up so nicely on their pale skin, covering their entire bodies. Scotland and Knox are both incredibly sexy brunettes and they both have just the right amount of body hair. And the matching scruff on their faces made them pass for brothers at a glance. This definitely aided in the fantasy department, imagining these two as brothers experimenting with each others bodies for the first time. Their dicks are also huge and their balls bountiful, so you know, that doesn't hurt.

These two were a lot of fun to film with. Aside from me getting to see all of that brown hair rubbing up against more brown hair, they had a sexy spark that was evident from the get go. Tongues twirling erotically, Scotland's hand gripping Knox's boner through his boxier briefs. It was almost too hot.

Once clothes came off, it was blow job city. Scotland swallowed Knox's thick dick first, then Knox gagged down Scotland's stiff rod. Oral fun soon turned into a 69ing session that got my dick rock hard. The slurping these two made while sucking each others cocks was fucking hot. Deepthroating balls deep, fists pumping shafts as they sucked, it was so hot. I love sitting back and watching two sexy (brunette) guys suck each other. These two were doing a great job of entertaining me!

Knox sat on Scotland's pole first to get accustomed to it. Didn't take long to make its acquaintance, because he was riding that thing as fast and as hard as he could within seconds. Their balls tightened with each trip up and down. Next came some doggie style with animalistic panting and neck-biting, licking, sucking. Then Scotland bent Knox over and gave it to him quick and rough. Knox seemed to be enjoying every fucking thrust. Probably didn't hurt that Scotland was giving him a reach around hand job as well.

To finish, the guys got into missionary and screwed til they came. Scotland was up first, ripping his condom off as he pulled out of his costar's tight ass. A frothy mix of SPUNK Lube and ass juice escaped from Knox's hole as he spread his butt cheeks for Scotland to cum inside him. Scotland's nut flew out of his piss slit and doused the bed, Knox's plump butt cheeks, and his hairy hole. Knox beamed as he felt the warm jizz splatter on his asshole. Got my dick stiff again to see a man empty his sack on another man's asshole. Fucking hot.

Knox jerked furiously to join his costar in orgasm. He reached climax and warned Scotland of his fast-approaching cumshot. Scotland knelt and planted his face on top of Knox's ejaculating cock. Cum blasted up the side of his face, all over his lips, and onto the bed. Quite the impressive cumshots from both guys. They definitely had a hot, fun fuck and I was more than happy to catch all that beautiful brown hair on camera.

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