Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels

Talk about one of the hottest kids on GuyBone, Owen is fucking perfection. From his sexy smile and bedroom eyes to his chiseled body dusted in a light coating of hair. With a delicious ass and tall cock that gets stiff in seconds, Owen has everything you're after.

Scotland Grey

Scotland Grey

Scotland's tight, toned body is covered in a light coat of fur and his handsome, hefty dick gets rock hard really easily. His ass is perfection, as are his bad boy tats and angel smile. And when he cums, you'd better have your umbrella handy.


Scotland Tops Owen

Tongues and big dicks sum up this scene quite nicely. Both are featured prominently, from some of the hottest kissing I've ever seen, to some fucking hot dick licking and sucking, to ass eating that'll totally turn you on, and of course, the outrageously vocal and steamy screw that Scotland gives Owen.

I couldn't wait to get these two together. Disappoint they did not. Look ridiculously hot together they did. After a pre-game shower, they decided to start the scene in their towels. And I'm never one to say no to seeing boners grow underneath a towel. They got each other totally boned up before Scotland teased Owen's stiffy through the towel. Then he gave him a hot blow job, no doubt inspiring him to give one in return. Which he did. Perfectly. Owen flicked his tongue across the head of Scotland's beautiful cock, ran it the length of his shaft, back up and swallowed it. My favorite part of seeing guys give head, other than the actual dick sucking part, of course, is the making out they do afterward. Knowing that their mouths and tongues were just all over each others junk, then they taste each others cocks on their breath, that's unbelievably hot in the back of your head while you watch the action.

Time for Scotland to use that sexy, talented tongue to rim Owen's furry pink asshole. Owen leaned over the bed, against the closet, pushing his butt in Scotland's face, inviting him to get his hole wet. Scotland buried his face in the fur, chewing and licking and moaning, driving Owen wild, making him bite his arm in ecstasy. I personally love rimming, and love watching it just as much. Scotland is really good at the job, too, as made obvious by Owen's intense gratification.

Once the tongues had worked their magic, it was time for those big dicks to take center stage. Scotland's impressive pole was more than ready to plunder Owen's tight ass. And Owen's towering rod didn't lose its luster once. The harder Scotland fucked him, the harder his cock tightened. Both sets of bountiful balls bouncing with the rhythm of fucking. Scotland fucked him doggie style, jackhammered down into his upturned hole, and gave it to him good ole scissor-style. Owen even sat on Scotland's SPUNK slicked stiffy and let him slam deep up inside him. So vocal, these two. Telling each other how big their dicks were, how hot the other one was, and to what extent they wanted to pound or be pounded.

Scotland made Owen shoot a hot load across his stomach as he fucked him rough. Then it was facial fun-time when I requested Scotland splooge on Owen's face. Owen took it up a notch by catching a good amount in his mouth and swallowing that sweet/salty seed. They shared a sticky kiss as cum drizzled down Owen's chin, then I turned off the camera and sent them back to the shower. Great scene, great guys, great tongues and great big dicks.

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