Scotty Damon

Scotty Damon

Scotty is a ridiculously sexy bi guy who found his way to GuyBone and wanted to audition. He'd met a few of the models at Trousers Down and thought he had what it takes to join the ranks. Does he ever?


Scotty's Solo

Scotty. Woof. What a stud. This bearded, brooding bi guy is incredibly hot. Toned body and a huge, thick dick, he knows exactly how to work his tool for the camera.

I hadn't had a guy jerk off for his audition solo in the pool yet, and Scotty was into semi-public play, so he threw on a sexy pair of swim trunks, hopped on a raft, and started rubbing his junk. It was just seconds before I could tell he was already getting hard, turned on by the open air backyard and me watching from behind my lens. He worked his stiffening cock into a totally firm erection and then untied his trunks.

Splashing water on his tight body to cool himself from the setting summer sun, Scotty knew his dark hair looked incredibly hot when dripping wet. Those masculine pits, chest and legs, all coated with dark hair to match his beard, dripped with almost as much water as my dick did with excitement. He had me turned on immediately, and I couldn't take my eyes off that body and those feet. His long toes bending and flexing as he tugged at the titan in his trunks.

His hand slipped inside his shorts and I was instantly jealous that it got to wrap around his tentpole and mine did not. To feel the heat of his manhood throbbing in my palm would have been heaven. But he was doing the job just fine, so I continued to watch. Then he opened his trunks and released his rock hard piece of meat. What a fucking beautiful dick. Damn, Scotty! Grr! He stroked it up and down, feeling its wet surface slide inside his clenched fist.

He pulled his shaft up a bit which made his balls plop out of his shorts as well. Those big, loose, yet somehow tight from the water balls. What a delicious mouthful those would be! He started jerking his cock fast, really fast, and for a second I thought he might ignore my direction to edge and just blow his load because he was so horny he couldn't be stopped. But, no. He was just enjoying himself. A lot.

He slowed the pace and started teasing his cock for the camera. Holding it up straight with one thumb, releasing it so it'd snap with a meaty thud against his trim tummy. Splashing water on it, making it dance on his belly. Such a girthy dick. Looked hella fun to play with. He squeezed it from the base of the shaft to the head, pulling on his big nuts at the same time. His body bucked and writhed and I could tell he really wanted to be fucking someone right now. Dude, chick, probably didn't matter as long as his fat cock was inside a warm hole.

Having made him hold his load for this long already, I knew it was time to let him cum. He propped his long legs and sexy feet up on the wall and began jerking toward the finish line. It was no time before he was ready to bust his boy batter. And that's just what he did. With a whimper of an “I'm gonna cum,” he blasted hot, frothy white cum clear up to his underarm, then more spunk rockets onto his chest and side. What a yummy ton of cum! And what a shooter! He surprised himself, looking at his underarm in disbelief. He sank back on the raft after milking the last of his cum from his cock. Fun day at the pool, eh, Scotty?

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