Sebastian is the twinkiest of twinks, and there's nothing wrong with that. He's fit, fun, fresh, and fucking hot. With a tall, stiff shaft that he loves sliding his hand across, Sebastian proves you don't have to have grass on the field to play ball.


Sebastian's Solo

I think of all my models so far, Sebastian was easily the most twink-like.

That wasn't a bad thing. In fact, it was a very, very good thing. He had the corner on that market.

Adorned with jewelry, neon-green painted toenails, and a sassy haircut, Sebastian was sexy... in that smooth, young, virginal way.

Something told me he was plenty experienced, though, because when it came time to film, he was a total pro.

No nerves, no camera shyness, no hesitations. He slid his jeans and underwear off to reveal a very sleek, taught dick that he clearly could not wait to get his hands on.

He lubed up his shaft, paying special attention to his nice bulbous head and open piss slit.

Watching him stroke his slippery cock was like watching an artist paint a masterpiece. He rubbed all the right areas, he teased all the sensitive spots, he didn't miss a beat.

In the end, he blasted his boy goo all over his flat tummy and I could only imagine how many times he'd practiced for this moment at home on his own bed.

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