Ace is a total sweetheart, going to great lengths to put the needs of his costar before his own. You know, unless he's so turned on he needs to cum twice before his costar even cums once. Can't blame a boy for really enjoying his work.



Seth went from Emo to Rockstar with a haircut and giant tattoo across his chest. He also went from hot to hotter, in my opinion. He's got a totally chiseled bod, a nice stiff dick, and a cute guy next door mug.


Seth Tops Ace

Wow. Talk about a scene full of firsts!

1. Seth had never topped a dude before, so you can imagine how excited I was to capture his first time on film. You can also imagine how excited Ace was to be the receiver of said “butt-virgin dick.” The two hit it off immediately and before I knew it, Seth was fucking Ace so hard I thought he'd been topping guys for years.

2. This was Ace's debut scene with GuyBone.com and he came ready to shoot some porn! This eager young gym jock took charge of the scene and showed shy guy Seth exactly what he wanted done to him. They sucked and fucked in too many positions to count and loved every single one.

3. Seth is the polar opposite of a minute man - he can last and last and last. That really comes in handy when you're filming porn, because you never want the models to cum early. Because Seth is a marathon man, there was enough time for Ace to get aroused and get off a second time! That's the hottest first of all for GuyBone.com AND an excellent way for Ace to introduce himself!

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