Shane Rook

Shane Rook

Shane is our sexy new slender man. He's tall, skinny, hung, and ready for anything. Armed with a bushy beard that would make any lumberjack envious and a cumshot that will take your eye out if not careful, he's bringing his A game to GuyBone.


Shane's Solo

Shane. Shane. Shane. What a fucking hot find he was. We'd been chatting for the better part of a year, him on the fence about filming. He finally decided to take the plunge and the audition solo I got out of him was well worth the wait.

I got turned onto sounding the past year in my personal life. Feels fucking incredible. Not for everyone, but definitely fun for those willing to try. Shane was one such brave soul. He'd never used a sounding rod before but was totally on board to give it a whirl for his solo scene.

He chilled on the bed, watched some porn on his phone, and got his growing cock out of his jockstrap pretty quickly after I started rolling. He wore a cock ring around his very thick and veiny, long hard shaft and big, loose balls. A beautiful nest of brown pubes lined his crotch and down into his groin and around what I'm sure will be an asshole other GuyBone guys are clamoring over in the not so distant future.

A couple of pierced nipples and a sexy happy trail showcased his taught torso and that bushy beard was beyond hipster hot. The highlight of the scene, of course, was his incredibly stiff dick and the steel rod he lubed up with SPUNK and slid into his piss hole. He sunk the tool about halfway in, watching it disappear with ease into his urethra. His cock throbbed at the sensation of something new and foreign inside its pink walls. His fuzzy nuts rose and fell with excitement.

He tried the sounding rod twice, both times with much success, before tossing the tool aside and stroking his meaty cock feverishly until he couldn't hold back the rising load anymore. With a thunderous thwap on the pillow behind his head, his cum jettisoned from his now teased piss slit, past those pierced nipples. He breathed deep and manly, his moans escaping in hushed pants, as more nut flew from his dick onto his clenched abs.

Shane is one sexy sonuvabitch who's ready for some action scenes with his new GuyBone brothers. He promised huge cumshots like that every time, so we look forward to holding him to his word.

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