Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.

Sherman Maus

Sherman Maus

Lean and long-cocked, Sherman Maus is a true treasure for GuyBone. Referred to us by his fuck buddy, Ryan Powers, Sherman is totally versatile, totally adorable, and totally sexy. His eyes are a deep, blue steel and his hair is platinum perfection.


Sherman Tops Lance Raw

Lance and Sherman are old fuck buddies. They hooked up about five or so years ago and had some of the hottest sex of their lives. Then their paths took them separate ways until GuyBone brought them back together. Cuddled up and cozy in Lance's bed, under a makeshift sheet fort, wearing nothing but thin fabric, boner inducing onesies, the guys watched a homemade video of their previous sexual encounter. Seeing their good ole times play out turned them both on. So much so, this sexy slumber party pair ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Their hands began to roam. I could see they were both pitching tents inside their onesies. Lance unsnapped the back flap of his dark thermals and climbed on top of Sherman. Sherman's fingers were instantly teasing Lance's furry asshole as the soon to be bottom wiggled on top of his top, showing off that delicious derriere.

Sherman's cock was bulging beautifully inside his sea foam colored long underwear. Lance sniffed his dick through the cotton and then pulled it out, along with his own, to rub their hardons in the open air. Both guys were so fucking stiff. Their dicks throbbed and ached for each other's touch. Lance started licking Sherman's shaft then slurped his whole rod into his wet and ready mouth.

Sherman's cock is so fucking big and veiny. His balls are huge and loose. Lance was in heaven sucking his bud. He breathed heavy and moaned, letting the fat cock slide from his lips and snap against Sherman's toned tummy. They rubbed their steely dicks together and then Lance rolled over to let Sherman return the oral favor.

Lance's dick gets so fucking rock hard. Love when he snaps it with his thumb. Sherman devoured his tight balls and played with his furry butthole while he blew him. He swallowed his thick dick like the pro cocksucker he is and kissed the tip of Lance's dick head. Lance stroked Sherman's boner down below, still raging out of his onesie. Sherman spanked Lance's perfectly plump rump as the bearded bottom went back down on his hung costar. Then they had one helluva sexy make out session before getting into one helluva sexy 69 position.

Naturally, Lance threw his hairy hole in Sherman's face. Sherman spit, licked, and sucked the fuck outta that ass. He teased it with both his tongue and thumb while Lance toyed around with his big, hard cock on the other end. Barefoot but still wearing their onesies, this slumber party was sexier than I ever could have imagined. Seeing just the right body parts poking out of their long johns was intoxicatingly hot.

Sherman's broad tongue made the most amazing noise when it stabbed into Lance's hairy pucker and pulled out. A sticky, wet, fur rubbing sound. Gave me sex goosebumps. Woof! And then it was time to ride Sherman's raw cock. Lance wanted to start by sitting on it. Good idea. Take it inch by inch by inch by inch and loosen up to the idea of that behemoth boner in your butt. And who needed lube when there was so much spit available?

Sherman reached around and spread Lance's juicy cheeks as he slowly entered his ass. The view was spectacular. The ridge on the bottom of Sherman's shaft looked divine as fuck as Lance's hairy hole enveloped it repeatedly. Their skin moved seamlessly together and they kissed passionately while they bareback boned.

Lance whimpered like a good pup as Sherman pounded his hole. Sherman's balls hung over the edge of his union suit, enjoying the warm air in the room. He put Lance on his back and drilled him in missionary. Lance gasped in pleasure as the hung top plowed his willing hole. Sherman sucked his nipple and fucked him deep as he spread his legs wide apart. Lance enjoyed the perks of Sherman's big dick, him being able to suck his costar while at the same time fucking him. The grateful, groaning bottom was so fucking into his top being into him balls deep.

Sea foam wrapped Sherman scooted to his side and spoon fucked Lance. Talk about cuddly and cozy. His loose nuts draped over his long johns, lightly smacking Lance's taint as he screwed him condom free. The sun shone through the window, warming the room as much as the heat created by the two bareback lovers. Sherman thrust harder, fucking his partner with intent and desire. Their reunion was everything they wanted it to be, and more than I could have ever expected.

Sherman had moved into doggie when he noticed Lance's gaping hole. He rimmed it and got it plenty wet with spit, then pounded it mercilessly. Lance gave himself to Sherman willingly. He was a sleepover sex puppet, relishing every hump from his blonde top. Sherman shoved Lance over the edge of the bed and ate his ass again. That used, hairy hole was too much of a temptation and he shot his seed across the back of Lance's onesie. He crammed his cock back into that warm ass to finish unloading, and when he'd sufficiently bred his bottom, he licked up the cum from the cotton and invited Lance to join him in ecstasy.

Lance straddled Sherman, stroking his own rock hard cock to completion. They kissed so wildly, plenty of tongue action, and when Lance came, I thought he'd explode along with his cock. He blasted his nut onto Sherman's exposed chest, the blonde top catching some of the first few squirts on his tongue. Lance kept cumming, painting a nice puddle on Sherman's hairy pecs. He leaned back, his dick raging toward the tent of sheets above them, knowing all was right in the world now that these friends with benefits had been reintroduced.

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