Rand Wood

Rand Wood

Rand is ridiculously sexy. He's got everything you'd want with that boy next door look and unleashes a surprisingly wild side once out of clothes. He's got a lean body and big, mushroom-headed, curved cock and enough freckles to swoon over all day.

Zeus Harden

Zeus Harden

Perhaps the god of thunder cock? Zeus is a sexy young Latino with a curved uncut cock as handsome as his boy next door face. The beard makes him look more mature, but trust me, it's a hot baby face under there.


Summer Suck

Rand had just joined the GuyBone family with his hiking jerk off solo. He was hot and sweaty and needed a cool down, so it was back to my place for a dip in the pool with ready and waiting Zeus. Zeus had heard about Rand's wilderness wack and was all sorts of worked up. He laid on an inflatable raft and locked lips with standing Rand.

I love seeing boys getting wet in the water. Zeus' cute trunks were soaked and I could see Rand's mouth to mouth recitation practice making them tent. Zeus was chubbing up inside his swimsuit, and Rand playing with his nipple wasn't making the problem go down. Not that any of us wanted it to.

Zeus' juicy Latino lips wrapped around Rand's white boy tongue as they made out. Zeus had a handful of Rand's dick just below the surface of the water. Rand's hand found its way from Zeus' nipple to his bathing suit boner. He gave it a squeeze, encouraging the blood to flow faster. He tickled the tip of Zeus' hidden head with his thumb, daring it to get firmer, to become exposed.

Zeus obliged, pulling his trunks down around his shaft so Rand could have a feel, skin to skin. He slowly stroked his own cock as he sucked face with his pool boy. Rand's hand took over briefly, but then his cock hungry mouth jumped in. He slurped down Zeus' stiff one and licked the veiny shaft. Zeus let him know he was doing a good job by holding his head. Their snapbacks were sexy as hell, looking very bro-ish in the summer sun.

Rand was doing his best to get all of Zeus' rock hard cock down his throat. Zeus fucked his face gently and showed off his sexy, furry body. His erection was out of control, harder than ever, and they were both loving the oral satisfaction being delivered. When Rand's jaw needed a break from that big boner, they switched roles. Rand hopped up on the edge of the pool and Zeus knelt before his lap. He teased and toyed his tongue around Rand's raging hardon. Always a good show watching Zeus suck cock.

The wet noises he makes, the way his tongue and lips work in tandem around a tight dick, Zeus is an expert cocksucker. He deepthroated Rand's rod and then kissed the tip. I continued to catch Rand looking at the camera, as he'd done in his solo, no doubt turned on by me capturing this outdoor escapade. He's a true exhibitionist, always making sure someone's enjoying what they're watching. Trust, Rand, I was enjoying. And viewers will, too.

I loved how Rand's hard dick would flop over to the side whenever it fell out of Zeus' moist mouth. His curved cock is unbelievably hot and Zeus was having a hell of a good time going down on it. He spit on it and stroked it while he sucked. With a talented tongue like that, there's no way Rand wasn't enjoying the blowjob.

I'll never understand why some guys don't find oral sex hot enough. Foreplay is where it's at for me. Kissing, jerking, sucking, rimming, and getting another guy to cum without the fuss of fucking is truly titillating in my book. Here were two gorgeous guys kicking back in the pool on a hot day for a sexy summer suck, what more could I ask for? Maybe just a bit of ass play haha.

Zeus bent over on the steps and pushed his furry behind toward Rand as Rand stripped him of his wet swimsuit, to his knees anyway. The looks on Zeus' face as he felt Rand's tongue dive deep into his ass were spectacular. Rand spread his cheeks and buried his face in Zeus' hairy butt. Yes, I'll admit, seeing Rand shove his stiff cock in that tight ass would have been hot, too, but I was dripping in my own shorts as is, with just the foreplay show they were presenting.

Zeus wiggled his hole as Rand went in for the lick. Seeing their bare feet in the water was making my dick throb as well. Fuck, these naked boys in my backyard was such a treat. Soaking up the summer sun and sucking up their summer stiffies. Yum! They got overheated in that sun, though, so they headed inside to shower off and blow some more. Then they were ready to get off, so they got comfy on their towels on the floor and stroked and sucked until they both shot their loads.

Zeus leaned over Rand's hairy body and gulped his girthy rod one more time as Rand jerked it. Together, teamwork always leads to cumshots. Zeus beat his own meat as he licked Rand's balls. Then Rand bust his nut, clear up his chest, as Zeus continued tonguing his sack. What a load! They switched spots and Rand let Zeus face fuck him even though his jaw still hadn't recovered. This boy was getting much needed sucking practice. He jerked and wet Zeus' rod and Zeus jerked himself until he was ready to orgasm as well. Rand was thirsty for a taste of Zeus' sweet baby batter, so the Latino lover gave his costar a facial not soon to be forgotten. He painted his scruffy cheek with cum and invited Rand to swallow the rest. Rand cleaned his cock completely and they both exhaled loudly, signifying the end of a successful suck scene. These two were so fucking sexy, they didn't even need to fuck. You'll agree when you see all the hot oral action!

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