Sundance Radcliffe

Sundance Radcliffe

He's the daddy tree you've been wanting to climb. With sexy eyes and big biceps, he's a perfect specimen of man. Tight assed with steel pecs, he's the daddy for all ages and he's ready to play!


Sundance's Solo

Talk about one of the easiest, most fun, sexiest solos I've ever filmed. Sundance and I had been chatting for months, trying to align our schedules, and finally we did. We met at a men only sex club and filmed his solo right before doors opened to the public.

I was nervous about the shoot because we've had muscular guys on the site, but never as hunky as Sundance, and certainly not as daddyish. I was a bit intimidated at first glance, afraid he'd rough me up if I bossed him around too much (which some of you might actually enjoy seeing). I couldn't have been more off-base about the guy. He's one of the nicest, funniest, most charming models I've ever worked with. And his smile and laugh are absolutely adorable.

We started with some still photos for his bio and after the first couple, he was already sporting wood in his tight jeans. I obviously couldn't help noticing and asked him to undo his belt and let the beast out of the barn. He did, and what was waiting for me inside those pants couldn't have been more delicious-looking had I designed it myself. Begging to break free from a sexy white jock was a thick, stiff cock that I had to see. I had to watch him jerk. I needed to watch him cum.

We finished his photo set and headed to a leather bed. He got comfy and started stroking that impressive rod. When he revealed it, I felt my own dick jump inside my underwear. It's hard, literally, filming with an erection. Trying to be professional, but not being able to control your raging hormones when you've got a perfect display of man spread out in front of you.

The space couldn't have been more perfect for Sundance to film in. Leather beds, slings, glory holes - his big black boots, brut beard, and immense biceps seemed destined to film there. He moved to the sling and I asked him to show off his ass, which as a top he wasn't used to doing. He accommodated (I think he enjoyed me telling him what to do) and presented a pristine asshole between two perfect butt cheeks. God, this guy was gorgeous and totally got me going.

I made him edge for a while to ensure enough footage for his solo, then when it was time for him to cum, he was incredibly ready. He released a creamy glob of jizz from his gaping piss slit that coated his cock and stomach. Everything about Sundance and his solo were absolute enjoyment. This sexy muscle daddy is a very welcomed addition to the GuyBone family, offering some variety and virility.

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