Tag is just as playful and sexy as his name suggests. This Latino cutie contacted me about becoming a GuyBone guy and I instantly said yes. Those dark eyes and that perfect hair.


Tag's Solo

This yummy, young Latino is definitely one to watch. Tag (his name is just as sexy cute as he is) is incredibly horny and virile and has one of the most innocent and adorable faces on GuyBone. Don't let that fool you, though. He's just as eager as the other guys to get naked and get off.

It was late at night and I'd just got home from filming Miles' solo audition. Tag text me and said he was super horny and wanted to shoot a load for me if I had time to film. I find it incredibly difficult to turn away hot prospective models, so I said sure, come on over.

Tag turned on some porn and kicked back on my couch, slowly but aggressively rubbing the crotch of his jeans, working his dick up inside. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his chubby, uncut cock. Then he started stroking it, helping it firm up and grow.

He ditched his pants and very fun, hot boxer briefs. He tossed his sexy feet and athletic legs up on the coffee table and slid down into a more comfortable position. Once his dick was totally erect, he smacked it against his stomach and slid it across his leg, clearly enjoying the sensation. I really got into the view from across the coffee table. The camera got a great shot of Tag sitting spread eagle, the bottoms of those sexy feet exposed, his loose nut sack dangling on the couch, his big stiff uncut dick throbbing in his hand as he rubbed it. Tag has one helluva boner and loves to jerk it. He's pretty hairless, except for that delicious-looking dark patch of pubes surrounding his shaft. So hot.

He traded the tv porn for something he liked more on his phone. He got even more comfy on the couch and started working toward his cumshot. Once he reached it, he pumped out a thick, white load of boy batter onto his tummy. Definitely hot hearing and seeing this young stud get himself off.

Looking forward to seeing more from Tag. Keep your eyes on this one. He might just have a very sex-filled future with us!

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