Hairy, horny and hot in that daddy gym coach way, Thomas is a Russian amateur guy next door who gets really turned on by the idea of being filmed. I'm more than happy to be his first director. His shaved head and bearded mug are as masculine as his eyes are sweet and sensitive.


Thomas' Solo

Super sexy, super sweet Russian daddy, Thomas, was a quick recruit. I asked, he was totally down to film, and we got together soon after to shoot his solo audition. He was incredibly shy but also had a bit of a language barrier. I don't speak Russian, his English is fuzzy, but we made the best of it and ended up with some very hot footage of this hairy uncut hunk.

He pulled up that t-shirt to reveal an incredibly furry chest and tummy and I was in lust. So ruggedly masculine and handsome, this gym coach looking stud was driving me wild with his somewhat nervous striptease. I think it was one of those cases of him not being sure he was “doing it right,” when really there is no “wrong way.”

He rubbed the crotch of his jeans and I could see just above his belt buckle that he was wearing red plaid boxers underneath. Takes a certain kind of guy to pull off boxers because they aren't very revealing. But Thomas pulled them off perfectly (and literally), his dark body hair and sexy legs and feet stretching out from the bottoms of his boxers. And then there was the teasing with his delicious looking balls out of one of the legs. I think he got the “hang of it” pretty quickly, actually.

His shirt was off and he was running his fingers through his nest of chest hair. His nipples were large and begging to be nibbled on. His biceps bulged and his belly was all kinds of sexy. He dropped trou and showed off his uncut dick and low hanging balls. He got comfy on the couch and watched some porn, gently tugging at his dick to make it grow. I loved the way his ballsack wrinkled when his nuts weren't tight against his body. His dick was as handsome as he was and I was very excited to see this hottie get a hardon.

He stood back up and stroked himself, stiffening with each slide of his hand down his shaft. He loved playing with his nuts, too, which I marveled watching. He was definitely getting turned on showing off. I was a captive audience as he gingerly played with himself. His foreskin rolled over the head of his cock and then pulled back toward his stomach as he jerked his uncut erection. The way he breathed as he beat his meat was erotic, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand as stiff as my own dick, which was being held captive in my shorts.

He swung his boner around and showed it off. Such a prize cock. He squeezed his dick and balls in his manly palm and flashed those beastly pits. I'd have loved to bury my nose under his arm and jerk his hard dick at the same time. But he was handling himself perfectly fine, so I just kept my curious hands on my camera. The salt and pepper beard and chest hair was completing the daddy fantasy I had worked up in my imagination. Thomas was a hot, slightly older chap who didn't seem to mind me watching him masturbate. That was fucking hot. Like catching coach In the locker room after practice. Or dad at home after work when he thought he was alone.

To finish his audition, he kicked back on the couch and rubbed out a white hot load. His breath labored, his arm moved rapidly, and Thomas squirted out a healthy nut that cascaded over his thumb down onto his pubes. You only hear his Russian accent briefly when he's about to cum, but it's soft, deep and definitely adds to the sexual experience that is Thomas. I wouldn't guess it by looking at him, but he claims he's a total bottom, so I am very ready to see him get fucked by some of our GuyBone guys! After seeing this, I'm sure you will be, too!

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