Edison Garett

Edison Garett

Cute as can be, Edison Garett is one of the sexiest shy guys I've ever met. But don't be fooled, he's not shy once the camera starts rolling. A true exhibitionist, his inhibitions disappear between the sheets and he transforms into an honest to goodness sex machine.

Travis Kolten

Travis Kolten

We definitely ordered this tall drink of water with a side of DILF. Country boy turned handsome daddy, Travis is as good natured as he is good looking. Hairy and hung, his thick cock is made to top younger hole and he reigns supreme.


Travis Tops Edison Raw

Lance Bennett is such a sweet stud! After his own incredibly hot van scene, he offered to chauffeur Travis and Edison around while they had some adventure sex in the back of his home on wheels. Rumbling, tumbling and dad/son energy through the skylight, these fellas were ready to fuck raw while hitting the open road! So ready, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

As Lance drove them around, Travis and Edison got comfy in the back of the van. Edison, the ever good boy, enjoyed his oral introduction to his new dad's giant dick. He gulped it down and gave his pops the greatest head. Travis rewarded his “baby boy” with armpit licks and verbal affirmation and praise. Edison slurped on Travis' long schlong then kissed his dad deep. Their wet, bearded lips fit together perfectly. This pair was on fire from the moment the gas pedal hit the floor.

Daddy Travis gave his son some foot service, worshipping those sexy toes and rubbing those smooth arches across his scruffy mug. Edison was giddy, relishing the tickles and the teasing nibbles. Heaving and horny, together they stripped the young stud of his shorts, leaving him bulging in his hot jockstrap. A jock that dad Travis would later ask to keep as a trophy of his time with son Edison. And of course, he was obliged. What a man-musk-filled memento!

Travis positioned his boy on his knees so he could eat his hairy hole. He buried his bearded face deep between those juicy cheeks and worked magic with his broad tongue. Edison winked his ass for dad and Travis went wild. They were SO boned for each other! After some lip-smacking, hole wetting rimming, it was definitely time to bone bareback. Edison sat on dad's dick, whimpering in excitement to get it deep inside his guts.

He wriggled around on it until it successfully slid balls deep into his boy butt. He started riding it, and oh, the fucking fur show they put on display was out of this world! Edison's ass took to Travis' cock like a knife through butter, wrapping around it and sliding up and down with velvety ease. He bounced on dad's bone, tenderly kissing his lips as he rode.

Travis' mouth was meant for more than just rimming and kissing. He wanted to taste his son's stiff dick, too. He went down on Edison, licking and lapping and loving every inch of the kid's uncut cock. His tongue circled Edison's foreskin and he held his pulsing penis tight with both manly hands. Edison knew he was safe, even with all the van jostling. He was in very sturdy, very capable, very loving dad hands.

Travis was eager to get back inside his son and Edison was craving dad's cock wildly. They fit their bodies together in missionary and the butt sex continued. Travis stuffed Edison full of his man meat and their hairy parts collided in dark curls. They expressed their love for one another as Edison's hole gobbled up Travis' incredibly erect cock.

Can't help crushing on Edison when you hear his adorable cries of ecstasy. He's so enamored with Travis' hefty boner, he gets lost in a world all his own. His vocals echoed through the van, louder than the street noise, and I could only hope Lance up front got as much of a kick from the audio show as I did. I wanted to have them pull over and encourage Lance to come join in on the fun, but he'd already filmed with Edison and Travis separately, so I figured let's just let these two enjoy their one on one time. Which they were, immensely. It was still hot as hell knowing he could hear what was happening from the driver's seat.

Edison hopped into doggie and Travis drove his dong in deep. They kissed and whispered sweet nothings as dad began banging his boy once more. Their skin to skin sex was absolute satisfaction. They swiveled so I could get underneath them and holy fuck, that view! Travis' heavy nuts crashed against Edison's hairy hole as he buried his behemoth bone deep in his boy. This was a dad/son sextacular! Both their cocks raged erect as they fucked fast and raw in the back of the van.

Back in missionary for the finale, they kissed passionately as Edison had sex shakes and begged Travis to keep fucking him just like that. He needed it to hit that sweet spot to send him into his hands-free ejaculation. He busted his nut all over himself with just the power of his prostate working in perfect partnership with Travis' titanic dick. What a talent! Travis wasn't far behind with his big load. He offered to make some puppies with his boy as he painted his puckered hole. Then he pushed his creamy seed deep inside his son and bred him like he was meant to be. These two were absolute perfection and without hesitation, if the van be rockin', DO cum knockin', cuz you're in for one helluva ride! Thanks for the show fellas, and thanks for driving us around, Lance! We fucking love fucking in your van!

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